A Li'l Epipha-gasm from The Rebel Belle

OMG'D! I just made up a new word! EPIPHA-GASM!! 

It's a cross between an Epiphany -which to me is a gobsmaking insight, AND... an Orgasm - also a gobsmaking experience. Now, given you do not know what that is, it's an experience of presence that will take you straight to God. 

An Epipha-gasm is an orgasmic and gobsmaking insight that takes you to places inside yourself you've never been before. It's a breaking through that moves through every cell of your body, and changes you forever!

So here is my Epipha-gasm for the day.  

I was contemplating my life today, and all of the things I'm grateful for, and how blessed I am. I am blessed with a beautiful environment. I love my relationships. I love my work - and I even love myself, especially mySELF (pun intended). I have a great life!  The truth is, I've ALWAYS had a great life.

Suddenly, I was reminded of the times where others have dismissed me and even blamed me for having a good life. They would say I had it easy. I was not challenged or suffering enough, and I LOVE this one - I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. WTF??!

At times growing up, I've actually believed them. I felt guilty about having people, events and circumstances in my life that made me happy. So much so, that at times I began to question whether I really did have it easy, or at least easier than others.

Okay, so here is where the Epiphany comes in or in this case my EPIPHA-GASM. It's never been about having an easy life or not. It is not about being challenged or having to suffer, and it was definitely not ever about being born with my silver spoon in my mouth. What it was and is about is - PERSPECTIVE. It is about how I chose, and still choose to view my life, as well as the circumstances of my life.  

Life has thrown me many curves and challenges, contrary to the perspective others hold. Some might even call them CRISES. For some reason, I've NEVER looked at them that way. It's never occurred to me to think that my life was hard. I have chosen to look at "crises" in my life as "opportunities." I have chosen to look to each experience as a LESSON and find the BLESSING in it. It is just my Pollyanna way!

So, my EPIPHA-GASM for the day - IS my new word....My new word is "BLESSON." I do not have crises in my life. I have BLESSON'S. I have blessings that I am grateful for that come in the form of LESSONS. I have BLESSON'S! Isn't that insightful and orgasmsic - Epipha-gasmic??!

How about you, and how about your life? Got BLESSON'S? What are the life lessons that come your way in the form of blessings. I'd love to hear!


Tuck Self is a Life Development Coach in Communication & Listening, specializing in the Human Design and The BG5™ Career & Business Systems. As founder of SELF Empowerment Resources, Tuck has provided individual and group Coaching Programs, Workshops and Retreats for more than 15 years, focusing on individual and organizational purpose, fulfillment and success. 

If you are seeking greater Purpose, Partnership and Prosperity in your personal life or career, I'd love to be your coach, mentor and guide. 

"The life of your dreams must be built on a solid foundation of information, wisdom and freedom from fear!"

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