The Dumb Reading Group


'The world is nothing but my perception of it. I see only through myself. I hear only through the filter of my story.'. ~ Byron Katie

Picture this........

Its 10 am in the morning in Ms. Anderson's third-grade class at Royal Elementary School. There are eight chairs in front of the room, off to the side. They form a circle. 

What's in the circle? Why, it's the "Dumb Reading Group" circle!

Every morning of my third-grade life, I had to walk up the LONG aisle of desks to the front of the room in order to sit in "the circle". And, I had to make this walk in front of all my closest friends, who by the way didn't carry this "dumb" label like me. I was devastated. Talk about being scarred for life. 

As if that wasn't enough humiliation, Ms. Anderson's niece, Alice, was in "the circle" too. Alice had special needs, which back in those days was referred to as retarded. So, with Alice in our group, the entire third-grade class labeled us "The Dumb Reading Group" circle.

Yep, I was a charter member of the most infamous group in third-grade history. It's created a label I'm still practicing to get over today. 

So what did I do with this label? I owned it. I claimed it. I thought it was true. What's a third-grader to do?  Every day, I began looking for proof that this label was true - "I am stupid and dumb".  

Do you know what happens when you look for what you believe to be true? You find it! When your mind believes that it's right, it looks for proof, and it looks for evidence. I looked for proof and I found the evidence!  

For years, I lived in fear that others were going to discover the truth about me. "I'm stupid and dumb". So I worked really hard to "look" smart, and to be smart. I worked hard to figure out what every teacher, adult and authority figure wanted from me, and what they were going to ask me before they asked me. No way was I going to be humiliated and look stupid  - again. It was exhausting!

Now here's the interesting part: I thought I was fooling everyone, including myself! To the world, I may have appeared smart. I may have appeared as if I 'had it all together'. However, on the inside I was a mess. I was scared, panicked....and convinced I was dumb. 

Okay, so here is where I actually have proof of just how brilliant I am!! I figured out how to 'play the game'. I became a model student. I made good grades. I accomplished the honor roll, and graduated at the top of my classes. However, it STILL wasn't good enough. No matter what I achieved, I couldn't let my accomplishments in. That li'l voice in my head kept reminding me I was still in the circle, and I was "stupid and dumb". My mind insisted on finding a way to prove that my fear was right, that the world was smarter than me. Why? "Stupid and dumb" I guess - LOL!

Folks this went on for years. At times today, "stupid and dumb" still rears its ugly head to me. I can't tell you how much time and energy I've expended trying desperately to make sure I'm smart enough, and that people don't find out how "dumb" I really am. 

However, here's what's different about today. When I'm triggered by my "stupid and dumb" fears of not measuring up, not being smart enough, and not having the right answers, I notice it. I observe that thought, and the emotions that come with it. I take a deep breath. I breathe, and bring myself back to the present moment. When I react and go unconscious, when I find myself exhausted from trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations of myself, as well as those I project onto others to prove that I'm "stupid and dumb", I remind myself of my truth.... 

I am not in the circle anymore. I am smart. I am wise. I am a genius. I am only "dumb and stupid" given I think I am. 

Isn't life amazing, and isn't it interesting how one li'l incident in life has the power to freeze you in fear, drive your behavior, and convince you that you're something you are not? Powerful!

All of these years... living in fear and anxiety....working hard....trying to be smart....trying to convince myself and the world....all from a third-grade label. WOW!!

How about you? What are your labels, what are the experiences in your past that are driving your behaviors? Where do you look for evidence to support your negative beliefs that you are not enough, good enough or worthy of love, success and fulfillment?

In the words of Elsa from FROZEN, let it go, let it go, let it go. Free your mind. Let go of the fears, beliefs, and conditioning that no longer serve your life. Access the truth of who you are, trust the gifts and talents that are yours by design, and live an authentic life!!

It's time to create a new circle. The Empowered Living Circle!

I'm off to announce myself: I am brilliant. I am smart. I am full of wisdom. I am.......


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