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'There is nothing to do. There is nothing to believe in. There is no one that needs you. If you move into your heart center, what do you want to do?' ~ White Buffalo

OMG'D! Summer is here. Half of the year is already behind us. I am basking in the mantra, 'Do Less, Achieve More'!

With the 1st half of this year coming to a close, I have been reflecting on the 2 Essence Words I chose at the beginning of 2019: Timelessness and Truth. As I wonder where the 1st six months of this year have 'gone', I am asking myself with awe and surprise, 'what's the possibility I'm experiencing TIMELESSNESS? What's the possibility I'm living this TRUTH - 'Do Less, Achieve More'!'

Years ago my mentor White Buffalo (via Jennie Marlow) shared the questions posed in the opening quote with me. Initially I was stunned and gobsmacked, similar to a deer looking into the headlights of a car. However, being the willing student excited and open to challenging my current beliefs and life-style, I opened to the possibility of the TRUTH of these questions. My life has NOT been the same since, and I say with ease - free at last, free at last  - I am grateful to be free at last.  

As I contemplate the freedom, harmony and ease of my life, I am reminded of a beautiful story I read years ago by Chin-Ning Chu in 'Do Less, Achieve More'. It's a story about The Rainmaker, the power of miracles, and the simplicity of life. 

"There was a village that had been experiencing drought for five consecutive years. Many famous Rainmakers had been called, but they had all failed to make rain. 

In the villager's last attempt, they called upon a renowned Rainmaker from afar. When he arrived in the village, he set up his tent and disappeared inside for four days. 

On the fifth day, the rain started to fall and quenched the thirst of the parched earth. The people of the village asked the Rainmaker how he had accomplished such a miracle. 

The Rainmaker replied, ' I have done nothing.' Astounded at this explanation, the villagers, said, 'How can that be? After you came, four days later, the rain started'.

The Rainmaker explained, 'When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that everything in your village was out of harmony with heaven. So I spent four days putting myself into harmony with the Divine. Then the rains came."

I love this story and its message. The Rainmaker knew the most effective and yet simple way to create what most of us desire in our lives - peace, harmony, abundance and love. Inside that tent, he created an environment within himself of ease and harmony with heaven. This internal state trickled out and overflowed into the village creating the miracle of rain. 

The Rainmaker did NOT put on a show. He did not busy himself talking to the villagers and arranging ceremonies or prayer vigils. He did very little. Doing Less, He Achieved More. 

This is not my usual experience of the world. In my interactions with others I experience 'business as usual' aka 'BUSY-ness' as usual. People have their heads down, blinders on, working hard to achieve prosperity and success. BUSY-ness is a virtue worn as a badge of honor. What's not realized is that this state of BUSY-ness creates unrest. It takes us out of harmony and TIMELESSNESS. The TRUTH? It creates suffering, pain and resistance that limit the flow of money, health, happiness and prosperity in our lives. 

The Chinese word for 'busy' consists of two parts. The first part symbolizes the Human Heart. The second symbolizes Death. Therefore, when one is excessively in BUSY-ness, the heart is dead and neglected. 

What's the possibility that there is nothing to do, there is nothing to believe in, and there is no one that needs you?

What's the possibility that the Rainmaker knew the right way, the simple way to create what we really want in our lives?

The ancient proverb that says, 'as within, so without' clearly highlights this story metaphor. When you find your life out of balance, and you are stressed out over an external circumstance, remember how the Rainmaker succeeded where others failed. He put himself back into harmony with heaven. 

The Rainmaker teaches us to 'row, row, row our boats gently down the stream', to live in the TIMELESSNESS that puts us in harmony with heaven and the Divine, so that 'life is but a dream'. 

Your natural Human Energy (is) Design(ed) is to experience and enjoy satisfaction, prosperity, abundance, fulfillment, health and well-being. As you align with your design, as you put yourself in harmony with heaven as the Rainmaker teaches, your heart will open, you will know what to will experience peace, harmony, abundance and love. 

Breathe, relax and smile. Take a pause from the BUSY-ness of your life. As you do, the 'rain will certainly fall again' and nourish your deepest dreams and passions. 


Tuck Self, founder of SELF Empowerment Resources has provided individual and group Coaching Programs, Workshops and Retreats for more than 15 years. With Human Design as the foundation, our systematic approach assists individuals and companies in learning to work in harmony with their divine vision and framework. Results create loving relationships, successful careers, healthy bodies, and happy lives. Programs combine accountability with principles that facilitate rapid personal discovery, development and spiritual growth. When you employ this knowledge and wisdom in your daily life you are empowered to design your life with unlimited possibilities!

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