Come Home to Your SELF...

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home." ~ Frank Baum, the Wizard of Oz

Greetings Friends, 

Last month I visited one of my favorite places in the world - Sedona. Sitting for long hours at the foot of the beautiful red rocks was powerful, peaceful, colorful and serene. I felt the physical, emotional and mental release of the stressors and expectations of life, relationships and work. I felt the energy rise from the earth as I reconnected to my self, nature and God. 

Immersed in the beauty, strength and stillness of the mountain rocks, I had Come Home to my Self. 

Since returning to the beautiful ocean coastline of sunny South Carolina, I am grateful for the time and space to integrate my experiences from Sedona, to rest and reflect on past experiences and dream of possibilities to come. I am thankful to have this time for myself, to contemplate and experience my beautiful environment, this place I call home. 

It got me pondering (we all know Tuckie loves to ponder) HOME.....

What is it and Where it is......

HOME is often a birthplace; a place where we are from and where we return to when we need sustenance, rest and love. It's a physical plane home with a physical address. 

HOME is also a sanctuary, a place where we feel 'at home', a place where we go to rest, retreat, and to worship or live our life's calling. 

HOME may carry a feeling sense for you. It may be an inner knowing or an experience you've had that is beyond description.

Some say HOME is where the heart is, a place where our spirit is welcomed HOME. 

How do you experience HOME, and what does 'being home' or 'being called home' mean to you? 

I believe we live in a time where our perception of 'HOME' is expanding, and becoming more. Maybe it's even a calling back to ourselves. 

What's the possibility that the last great frontier isn't in the outer world, it's inside, in the home of your inner world and essence? 

What's the possibility that home is the true and vast potential and beauty that lies hidden inside of you as an essence and genius? 

What's the possibility that coming home to your self is union with your own divinity?  

Come Home to Your SELF: 

I invite you on a personal and inner voyage of SELF-Illumination and transformational awakening. Discover the mystery of you. Open up to the highest possibility of your own nature. Retreat into the living wisdom of your Gene Keys and Golden Pathway, and Journey Home to your ESSENCE.

* How long has it been since you've loved yourself enough to focus on YOU?

* Are you ready to open your heart to life, to tap the deep reservoir of wisdom inside you and bring ease, harmony and prosperity to every aspect of your life? 

*Breathe.....Relax....Smile.....and plant the seeds that will grow into a new life and new you!

Come Home to Your SELF: Click Here for information on The Golden Pathway Virtual Retreats, Personal & Immersion Retreats. 

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