Beyond Thinking

''THINKING limits your possibilities. It has NEVER made you safer, controlled your future or prevented rejection. 

AWARENESS is your gift. It is your ticket out of fear. Every time you use AWARENESS to identify your thinking, you get your power back.' 

Now THINK about THAT statement for a moment..... :)) I'm teasing with ya!

I LOVE this quote by Spotted Eagle. Number 1), it brings me present to my own thinking and how often I catch myself thinking, and Number 2), it reminds me how often I am asked by others:

'Tuck, HOW do I get out of my head? What do I do to quit thinking? How do I get OUT of my head and thinking, when I'm not aware that I am IN my head thinking? 

Interesting question, yes? What is my first response? 'Who is asking the question'?

Here's what I mean by that. At any one moment in time, you are either present to your life as it's being lived in this eternal present moment, or, your MIND (the ego) is off and running - THINKING! It is either in the past regretting what was, or focused on the future fearing what is to come, asking a plethora of questions. So, how do you navigate this THINKING of the mind? 

Stop THINKING!! While I get this is easy in theory, I'm AWARE that it is challenging in practice, however PRACTICE is what's required.

So what do I 'do' to practice presence each day, specifically in each eternal present moment? 

While there are many tools, modalities and systems to support presence today, I'm choosing to share a video that was recently shared with me. I'm AWARE the information may not be new, however, I encourage your listening and presence. One of the many nuggets of wisdom received in the video is the reminder to:

'Know Thyself' versus 'Knowing the World of Form' 

The authentic moment-to-moment experience of life, and the joy of being alive have been replaced with mind's THINKING. Mind is focused on the endless pursuit for happiness, fulfillment and success with the external world of form.

As Spotted Eagle brilliantly shares in the above quote, 'THINKING limits your possibilities. It has NEVER made you safer, controlled your future or prevented rejection'. When mind focuses on form, driven by a need for security, safety, value and certainty, the attainment of that form does not bring long-term satisfaction, fulfillment or success. 

However, when you know who you are as a soul and being, and are AWARE of the Essence Experiences you desire, your possibilities are infinite. 

'One who looks outside dreams, one who looks inside awakens'. ~ Carl Jung

I invite you to watch this powerful and timely 31-minute video: 'Beyond Thinking'

THINKING that creates your struggle, and you are NOT designed to struggle. You ARE designed to create from the unlimited possibilities in every present moment, being authentically who you are, experiencing joy, creativity and most of all ease...

There is a way to create without effort and struggle, tap into your flow, and align with your inner power to create life, love and work that resonate with your heart and soul - without 'THINKING'!

'Everyone thinks of changing the world. No one thinks of changing him or herself.' ~ Leo Tolstoy

Human Energy Design is one of the most incredible tools of our time for expanding your awareness. It's a powerful tool for practicing presence. It highlights your thinking. It identifies the shadow distractions and obstacles that pull you off center. Most importantly, it reveals your personal choice making strategy and how to trust you own inner authority for living life aware - as yourself, and doing what you love. 

For information on how to get 'Beyond Thinking' to 'Know Thyself', schedule your Free Consult, and receive a copy of your personal Human Design Chart Click Here.

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