Under Pressure ~ Transforming Pressure & Stress

'Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what you're doing.' ~ Chuck Noll

Given that I LOVE both Freddie Mercury & David Bowie, AND my fabulous friend Kris Prochaska, I'm inspired to share her most recent BG5™ article with you about 'Transforming Pressure and Stress'. Kris references the two GREATS with their rendition of 'UNDER PRESSURE', as she writes: 

'I keep hearing Freddy Mercury & David Bowie in my head singing....'

ACCESS ARTICLE HERE: UNDER PRESSURE - Transforming Pressure & Stress

I LOVED the video dedication to these great talents, and the connection made in the article to how the human ego uses pressure to overwhelm us, make impulsive choices, and be impatient with ourselves, and others. We miss the preciousness of the eternal present moment, where life is lived, where manifestation occurs and magic happens. 

As we close out the first month of this New Year, how are you navigating your days with life and work? Are you satisfied at the end of each day feeling fulfilled and at ease? Or, are you overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted from the effort and struggle of the day? 

As Kris shares in her article, The BG™ Career & Business System provides life and career transforming opportunities. Specifically in the case of this webinar, you will learn how to utilize the stress and pressure you experience in life, whether yours or others, for your health and success - personally and financially. 

Join the webinar and first class in the series for FREE, Wednesday February 6th at 10 PT/11 CT/12 MT/1 ET: UNDER PRESSURE - Transforming Pressure & Stress


Whether you are seeking greater purpose and prosperity in your work doing what you love, a manager looking for a more efficient and profitable way to lead, or an organization seeking to build an prosperous vision inspired business, The BG5™ Career & Business System assists at all levels. For a FREE Consultation, email me at Tuck@TheRebelBelle.com. 

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