BG5: Accessing Your Natural Power as a Classic Builder

Happy August! 

I trust the sun is shining in your world, and this day finds you well! In keeping you informed, I have a little webinar news to share.

First, and again as background information, I have been a student, advocate, consultant and teacher of Human Design for 15 years. This system IS the most Self-Empowering information that I've experienced and embodied, in terms of changing and fulfilling my personal and professional life.


It is unparalleled in it's capacity to personally transform your life, reveal your strengths and gifts, and identify areas of your life that have you stuck and not moving forward.


Recently I've expanded my studies of design to include an area called BG5 - Base Group 5, which applies the Human Design information to the area of Career and Business. The foundation of BG5 continues to be grounded in the Human Design imprinting, however the focus is on supporting individuals to thrive in the material dimensions of their life.


BG5 will empower you to recognize and utilize your unique gifts, skills and talents in doing work you love. It reveals the dynamics of your personal Unique Career Design, your greatest potential in the work you do, and your business and career. It will reveal what gifts are to be called out individually in you, in partnerships, and in small & large groups, as well as how you best interact in each of these environments.


Your Career Type reveals as a core component, how YOU make choices you will trust. Also, how you best use your energy effectively, all while aligning with your natural strengths, talents, and gifts to prosper in the material world with purpose and fulfillment


The BG5 Business Institute is hosting a 2nd Webinar & Live Discussion on Career Types this month to support your understanding of how YOU are designed to express yourself in your work and career.


This Month's Webinar:


"How To Access Your Natural Power as an Classic Builder Career Type"


As a natural source of energy to do what you love and love what you do, discover how to be of service, and commit to projects in a way that fulfills you purposefully and with prosperity.


To Register for the Webinar Click Here:


Date: Wednesday, August 15th

Time: 10:00 am Pacific Time (17:00 GMT)/11 MT/12 CT/1 ET

Location: On-Line - GoToWebinar
(Webinar reply will be available the following day if you can not attend live.)



 Not sure what Career Type you are?

Click here to get a free BG5 sample report and discover yours now!




Join the Wednesday webinar and learn how to best to use your energy as a Classic Builder. Hear from Classic Builders themselves and gain various perspectives, and different optimal ways that a Classic Builder makes decisions.


Whether you are a Classic Builder yourself, or you live, work and/or are in partnership and business with a Classic Builder, I invite you to read the article information below and join the live discussion and webinar this week.


Read the article and/or register here:

How to Access Your Natural Power as a Classic Builder


Thank you for your listening.....


P.S. Given you missed last month's webinar on Express Builder Career Types, access that webinar HERE

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