Safe Problems or Risky Decisions


QUOTE: 'People create safe problems to avoid risky decisions.' 

I LOVE this quote!!!

I don't know whether I've shared with you or not, I'm a 'QUOTE-A-HOLIC'!!

I'm deeply inspired by quotes, and the above quote has caused an enormous pause for me.

I am currently enrolled in the BG5 Certification Course (Human Design for Career & Business). Yay! I'm excited to be expanding my 15+ year study and passion for Human Design to the world of career and business. 

Specifically, research shows that 70% of individuals in careers today are not fulfilled. They are not emotionally and/or psychologically connected to who they are and what they are doing. They are yearning to be fulfilled by using their gifts, creating abundance and prosperity, connecting deeply and successfully with others and 'right groups'. They truly long to live their greatest potential and to feel like they are part of something bigger than who they are individually. 

The intention for the above quote, and for the information revealed in BG5 IS to provide insight into how come people hold back. 

What is it that has individuals minimize themselves, bargain their natural talents and skills, trust others and systems more than themselves, work in solitude as opposed to bonding with others, and become paralyzed and analyzed in fear? 

Is it the fear of change? Is it fear of others finding out they are not good enough or not enough, that they won't be loved or accepted? Is it a fear of being dominated, or criticized, judged and rejected? 

What is required of us to live our genius, share our natural gifts and talents, and fulfill our purpose while bringing in the resources that make possible a life of joy, creativity and ease? 

I invite you to contemplate this quote, and the following 2 questions in terms of how you live your life. 

*  What risky decision(s) are you avoiding?

*  What 'safe' problem(s) have you created to avoid your risky decision(s)? 

I encourage you to dig deep with this one. Given the possibility you find answering this inquiry hard, confusing or challenging - what's the possibility THIS is your 'safe' problem? 

As always, if my message resonates with you and you'd like to work/play with me, give me a call. Human Design brings insight in terms of your personal awakening to your gifts, talents and individual potentials. It also supports you in understanding how you best you interact with others in partnerships, and group dynamics, how to personally and professionally communicate clearly, and how to find satisfaction and peace in your work. 

Given you are interested in finding the unique expression of your gifts and manifesting your purpose in the world, click here for information.

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