An Inquiry on Thinking versus Awareness


As I am settling in to the new frequencies coming in this year, I find myself quite contemplative, and AWARE that I'm THINKING. LOL!

Here's how come I Laugh Out Loud


'THINKING limits your possibilities. It has NEVER made you safer, controlled your future or prevented rejection. 

AWARENESS is your gift. It is your ticket out of fear. Every time you use AWARENESS to identify your thinking, you get your power back.' 

Now THINK about this statement. Well, not really - how about - what's the possibilities with this AWARENESS? 

I love this quote. It has reminded me of a question I was asked twice recently, the exact same question from two completely separate individuals. 

I had the thought both individuals asked me their question based on my passion for and expertise in the Human Energy Design System, and the fact that I'm consistently saying to them (since their minds are defined), 'You are in your head!' LOL.  

Here was their question: 'Tuck, HOW do I get out of my head? What do I do to quit thinking? How do I get OUT of my head and thinking, when I'm not aware that I am IN my head thinking? 

Interesting inquiry, yes? 

Given that someone asks YOU this question, what is YOUR response? 

I'd love to hear your 'awareness' on this. 

In the meantime, when you find yourself 'thinking' and in your head, with your mind confused, looping or running amuck, driving your decision-making process, give me a shout out.  There IS a way to create without the effort or struggle. There is a way to tap into your flow, and align with your inner power to create life, love and work that resonate with your heart and soul - without 'THINKING'!

It's called Present Moment Awareness and Living An Authentic Life.....

You have a personal blueprint, your own personal choice-making strategy for living an authentic life, and your own inner authority. And, it is NOT your mind. When aligned with your strategy and authority, your inner power and truth - life is a flow. Magic occurs. You are in Present Moment Awareness - Living Authentically with joy, creativity and most of all ease....

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