A Li'l 'LOVE' Tuck Talk

"No one can teach you how to love yourself. This is the work of each individual soul. You demonstrate love by giving it unconditionally to yourself." ~ Paul Ferrini 

This being 'Valentine's Day' celebration week, I had the idea to inspire contemplation around the theme of 'LOVE'. 

What is LOVE, and what is there to say about LOVE? Where do we begin? 

Well, throughout time, there have been a plethora of Movies, Books, Songs, Quotes and Sayings that share feelings and perspectives about LOVE: 


Crazy, Stupid LOVE

LOVE Means Never Having to Say You Are Sorry

The 5 LOVE Languages

A Dance of LOVE

LOVE is a Many Splendored Thing

LOVE Hurts

LOVE is Strange

LOVE makes the world go round

Love conquers all

Love is NOT what you do. Love IS WHO YOU ARE.

(Please add your own!)

To make LOVE even more confusing, we have designated Types of LOVE:

Passionate Love, Forbidden Love, Family or Brotherly Love, Unconditional Love for Humanity, Shared Experiences of Love, Playful love, and my favorite (pun intended) Self-Love!


This week I invite you to ponder your thoughts, beliefs and practices around LOVE. 

How do you LOVE? Is it something you feel? Is it something you freely give to others and/or to yourself? Do you LOVE passionately, playfully and/or unconditionally? What is LOVE for you? 

Is it crazy? Is it strange? Is LOVE splendid in your life? Is it a dance? Does it make your world go around? Do you hurt with love? Do you conquer? Is it who you are?

What is YOUR 'Truth about Love' (thank you Pink!!)?

A Li'l 'Playful' Valentine Exercise of Love: Imagine receiving a Valentine Card this week from your SOUL (Spirit Of Unconditional Love), and higher self. What will this message of LOVE be to YOU?

In the meantime, as you contemplate your message, I'm sending a Li'l Tuckie Valentine 'Dance' of Love & Appreciation to YOU!

P.S. I love you!!

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