2018...A Year for Neutrality


ESSENCE doesn't require anything of you. It is the feeling experience you want to have. It is expansive. It clarifies what it is you want in your heart. Essences are powerful for you because they are the language of your soul. The Mind speaks to you in urges, appetites and attachments. The soul speaks in desires of the heart. When you seek essence you invite the Creator to be open, spontaneous, playful, and joyful with you, and to dance in the field of all possibility.' ~ Spotted Eagle & Grandfather White Elk 

Welcome to 2018.....

According to Human Energy Design, which many of you know I'm enormously passionate about, we officially begin our New Year on January 22, 2018. 

With that 'in mind', I had the thought to share a practice with you. 

At the beginning of every New Year I intuitively choose a word - an ESSENCE word (or two) to embody for the year. In the past some of my essence words have been Truth, Oneness, Freedom, Light and Mindfulness. Over the years, I have been GOBSMACKED at the synchronicities and revelations that come to fruition in connection to my word. 

This year my word is: NEUTRALITY

What do I mean by Neutrality?

Being Present. Being in and with the present moment. Not thinking. Not being hooked by my emotional reactions. Not regretting my past. Not living in fear of the future. Being in The Eternal Present Now moment, moment by moment, by moment!

Doesn't this sound like fun? I have the opportunity to practice presence, presence to myself, and the people, events and circumstances around me. I have the joy to do this without getting triggered, without getting my buttons pushed, without going unconscious and living in the land of blame, shame, guilt, pity and/or moral outrage. 

I'm smiling as I write this for the growth and possibilities available in my experience of my new essence world.  

So, how about YOU? What's your essence word for 2018?

What essence experience is your soul seeking this year to be open, spontaneous, playful, and joyful so that you too get to dance with the Creator in the field of all possibility?

I look forward to hearing from you, given you are willing to share your essence!!


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