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And I said to my body softly. 'I want to be your friend.' It took a long breath, and replied. 'I have been waiting my whole life for this ~.'"  Nayyirah Waheed

Happy Beginning of Summer, 

It has been a while since we've connected. I'm happy to share it's a beautiful day here in Surfside Beach, SC. Summertime is in full swing with the sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches, and families with children happy that their school year has come to an end. 

This weekend I'm headed away from our sandy shores of South Carolina to Sarasota, Florida to celebrate my daughter Jamie's 6th year as Director of The Soul Studio Dance Center, AND to see their year-end 80's dance theme production, of 'Remember My Name'. ' I'm excited. I LOVE watching these young girls acknowledging their awesomeness as they pour their hearts and 'SOULS' fearlessly and creatively into their dances.

In keeping with the theme of the Soul FULLY expressing in dance, I'd like to share a POWERFUL story and video created by Shonda Rhimes from Dove's Real Beauty Productions featuring the story of Cathleen Meredith. 

The video shares Cathleen's journey as she realizes her beauty through the Power of Dance. Now, with her group "Fat Girls Dance," Cathleen is sharing her 'body positive message' with women everywhere, redefining #RealBeauty with every move.

From my years of experiencing the eating disorder of anorexia, I understand body image issues. I grew up constantly feeling insecure and  'not good enough' about my body. There are thousands of young girls, teenagers and women around the world still experiencing negative body image issues. 

I'm moved by Cathleen's radical fearlessness. Her story and the movement she's inspired touch me deeply. 

I invite you to be inspired as well by watching this 2:52 minute video.


* What is OMG'D awesome about you and 'dope' about your body?

* Is there a relationship missing with you and your body?

* What practice are you willing to ignite as a love affair with your body?

It has been my pleasure to reconnect with you. Wishing you a beautiful first week of summer!


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