A Li'l Valentine Love Poem to Self.....

'Roses are red. Violets are blue. Tuesday is a celebration of your LOVE for YOU!!


Are you feeling the LOVE? It's embracing us you know. It's in the air.

Since February is the Month of LOVE, and Tuesday is a HUGE celebration of this LOVE for yourself and another..... 

I thought it would be fun to reminisce a little today. 

Do you remember buying, making and sending out Valentine Cards when you were a kid? I used to LOVE buying mixed boxes of cards, choosing which card to send each special person in my life, and then signing my name numerically so they'd have to 'decode' the message to discover their secret Valentine was ME!

It's been a LONG time since then! I wonder today if it was the creativity of it all, the element of secrecy and surprise, and/or the opportunity to share my bounteous LOVE with others that has me remember these days with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. 

Self-Love is a key to happiness and wellbeing. It's a journey and a practice that creates the foundation of who you are. Once you begin a practice of self-love your power grows, your love expands. You expand.  The effects you feel in your life are magical and bountiful. 

I invite you to 'play with me today' with an exercise for loving yourself FULLY and unconditionally. 

1.) DO a Li'l SELF LOVE: 

I invite you to create a Valentine Card for and to yourself. Do this in the form of a Valentine Love Poem. 


Read your LOVE poem out loud to yourself and be present to the experience of giving and receiving love.


Read your poem aloud to someone else. Absorb the experience of giving and receiving your self-love.

Here's a little teaser to put you in the LOVE mood.  It's a Valentine's Love Poem to My Self. 

I 'HEART' you to the moon and back and look forward to hearing your poems and celebrating YOU. 


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