What is Your Essence Word for 2017...


'Creating an inspired life is not so much about manifesting what YOU want as it is listening to what wants to be manifested THROUGH you. Most of us do not see what we are looking at, but what we are looking through. What do YOU see?'  ~Jonathan Ellerby, The Promise of Paradise

Happy New Year

I trust we've all had a delightful, celebratory and also peaceful Holiday season...

As this year draws to a close, there is MUCH to be grateful for. I LOVE Abraham-Hick's saying, 'The better it gets....the better it gets!!" 

At the end of each year, I LOVE reflecting, contemplating and pondering what person, life event or circumstance, tangible or intangible I am MOST grateful for from the year; and also what has been my BIGGEST breaking through. 

As I move into each New Year, I also LOVE to intuitively choose a word - an ESSENCE word (or two) to embody for the year. In the past some of my Essence words have been Truth, Oneness, Freedom and Mindfulness. I have been GOBSMACKED as the year progresses witnessing the synchronicities and revelations that come to fruition in connection to my word. 

Take a moment and contemplate what your ESSENCE word(s) will be for this new 2017 year. I'd LOVE to hear from you and share with you in the word that you choose......

'ESSENCE doesn't require anything of you. It is the feeling experience you want to have. It is expansive. It clarifies what it is you want in your heart. Essences are powerful for you because they are the language of your soul. The Mind speaks to you in urges, appetites and attachments. The soul speaks in desires of the heart. When you seek essence you invite the Creator to be open, spontaneous, playful, and joyful with you, and to dance in the field of all possibility.' ~ Spotted Eagle & Grandfather White Elk

MY word for the year is LIGHT!

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