Essence is the Language of Your Soul.....

'Essence doesn't require anything of you. Nothing has to happen. Because Essence is the desire of Spirit, it will take you to a place Mind cannot go. When you seek Essence and create from the desire to have it; you invite the Creator into the process and ask that divine spontaneity assist you in birthing essence into form.' ~ Personal Magic, Jennie Marlow

I've decided its time again to share my love affair with Essence Words, and more importantly the distinction between creating from Essence vs. Form

Our dictionaries define Essence as 'the basic, real and invariable nature of a thing. 

Thesaurus relates Essence to these words: authority, attribute, core, individuality, origin, reality, soul, spirit, being, nature and quintessence. 

From my experience and training with the brilliant Spotted Eagle, Essence Words describe states of being. They describe the feeling experience received when you do what you love to do. 

When you lose all track of time, when you take in the beauty of the world with childlike wonder and awe, when you are so immersed in the beauty of the moment feeling touched by the face of God, that's an ESSENCE experience!

FORM, however is the structure that holds our Essence experiences. It might be appropriate to think of Form as the banks of a river that hold the beautiful and powerful spectrum of our emotional flow. 

Forms come from the Mind. They are limiting. They are desires of the ego based in fear and neediness. Spirit doesn't understand structure or form, especially if it is based in your illusions of fear. In this case, they contain no essence. 

Essence is the language of your soul. Essence is the language of your spirit. It's how you communicate with your higher self and God. Essence clarifies in your heart of hearts what it is that you want. Your heart speaks to you, others and God through feeling experiences, through the electrical and magnetic vibrations that allow your body to FEEL alive and at your zenith. 

When you focus on Essence you enter the field of ALL possibility. You open the door to limitless possibilities for Forms. When you focus on the Form you limit the outcome the Creator can bring into your life. You end up trying to control the Form

Do you remember the movies Chariots of Fire? There was a scene in that movie where the Olympic runner described how he felt when he was running. He said, 'When I am running, I feel God's pleasure.' This is an extraordinary example of an Essence experienced from the Form of running. 

It's NOT about the Form. It IS about the Essence you feel in experiencing the Form!

If you find yourself pining away, yearning for what you don't have, and/or living in frustration that you can't create what you want in life, try this Essence Exercise

1) Make a list of your favorite Essence Words: These are the feeling experiences that express your hearts desires for the people, events and circumstances you want to create in your life. These are the feeling experiences you have when doing exactly what it is that YOU love!

My Essence Words are Freedom, Fun, Spiritual Community, Connection, Contribution and Flow. 

2) State your DESIRE for Essence. Speak the language of your heart. Rather than affirming your desire for a long list of things/Forms you currently don't have in your life, take a deep breath, and claim your desires for Essence. 'My desire is to experience Freedom, Fun, Spiritual Community.....'. Notice how free you feel in your body, mind and spirit. 

3) For each of your Essence words, identify a current Form already in your life where you are already experiencing these Essences.  

Now, THIS is where you want to focus your energy. This is where you want to invest your time, talents and energies. We ALL know that what we focus on expands. By giving your time, talents and energies to your Essence experiences, you throw the door open. When the door is open the Creator can dance with you. What you'll discover is the Forms that come into your life will be FAR beyond anything your Mind could ever imagine. 

OMG! I'm excited for you. Let's go dive into the field of ALL possibility, into the void and play. Let's discover the Essence experiences that soothe your heart and soul. 

This little Form called Tuck, filled with the Essence of joy, creativity, ease, freedom, fun and passion is saying tootles for now. 

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