A Li'l Tuck Talk on Sharing Your Genius....

'Genius describes you living at your zenith. It is you living your life without holding anything back, owning and therefore transcending your fears. To be a genius is, to have the courage to live life with an open heart, as a deep romance. Your genius simply makes you a truly joyous human being.' ~ Richard Rudd

OMG'D! Doesn't this sound exciting? I'm a genius, and it has NOTHING to do with my intellectual capacity!!

Did you know that the original root word for Genius refers to a deity or moral spirit who watches over you from birth; it guides and governs your life? It refers to your wit, a talent and prophetic skill innate in your nature that carries generative power. 

I don't know about you but this excites me. I ALWAYS believed that I had to study and work hard to prove myself. Then, spend a lifetime trying to find, refine and package my genius in order to share it with others. 

You are Power, Genius & Magic!

I'm excited to share that through the transmission of the beautiful systems of The Gene Keys and The Golden Path, it IS possible to be guided into the field of your own inner genius. 

You have a master genetic blueprint hidden in your DNA; The Blueprint of Your Soul. Through the discovery of and self-illuminating journey into the sequences of your blueprint, you can unleash the radiance of your genius, open your heart to life, love and work that resonate deeply with your heart and soul. 

That's what The Mystery Experience is all about. I'm excited to share a li'l Tuck Talk message about an upcoming beautiful experience of discovery and immersion into your Genius, and the Blueprint of Your Soul. 

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'Your higher purpose is to be RADIANT for no other reason than being alive. Your genius can only emerge out of your inner radiance. If what you are doing does not make you truly joyous, then it isn't your genius.' ~ Richard Rudd

Join us for The Mystery Experience in Charleston, SC November 11-13. 

I invite you to experience the beautiful Poem of Liberation by Yeeve. An extraordinary metaphor for your Mystery Experience and journey.

I'm off to embrace uncertainty and play in the field of all possibility...I'll be waiting for ya!

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