A Sharing of Sacred Stories....

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'Listen to the voices that sing remembrances to your soul.' ~ Rev Patricia Brooks

Did you know each of us has a Sacred Story?

That in sharing our hearts and wisdom through stories we activate spiritual abilities and remembrances? 

There is a reason you are here.  It is time to remember.....

Rev. Patricia Brooks has created a beautiful Sacred Space and community of powerful healers, teachers and practitioners who will be sharing their voices, talents, spiritual wisdom and gifts, and their Sacred Stories. 

Join us for a remarkable journey, an inspiring and informative consciousness expanding 12-day event, Sacred Stories Telesummit ~ Season 5!

'Listen to my voice sing' on Aug 8th, where I'm excited and honored to share information about The Sacred Blueprint of Your Soul - Human Energy Design. 

Your Blueprint IS your Sacred Story, your journey into the essence of your magic and genius. 

Share in the Experiences of healing, clearings, activations, meditations, and more!

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The series airs August 8 - 25th 

9:00 AM PDT / 10:00 AM MDT / 11:00 AM CDT/ 12:00 PM EDT / 4:00 PM GMT

and you can join anytime!

Registration is FREE ~ Listening is FREE ~ Replays are FREE ~ FREE Gifts

FREE Conscious Activations at the Start of Each LIVE Show 

LIVE Q+A with All of the Spiritual Teachers ~ Get YOUR Questions Answered!

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I am YOU and YOU are ME....

In sharing my voice and Sacred Story, I am also offering an exciting special offer package for Sacred Stories listeners and a new power bonus if you act quickly! 

Together we empower. Together we heal. 

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This season's powerful spiritual teachers:

Tuck Self, Dr. Lara Romero, Cynthia Segal, Arttemis Keszainn,

Marina Jacobi, Mia Saenz, Amanda Hainline, Dr. Paul Hubbert

Antoine Chevalier, Kathryn Shanti Ariel, Omaji, and Dr. Janice Carlin

Experience the collective power of our shared wisdom and experiences!

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BE-come Part of our Sacred Stories Community!

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