SummerTime...and the Living is Easy....

dance-28.jpg"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair..." ~ Susan Polis Schutz

Greetings Friends...

Happy June and Happy Summer Time!

Here in my cozy, quaint little town of Surfside Beach, SC it's clear summertime has arrived. Happy vacationers are dancing in the sun, maybe not with wild flowers in their hair but definitely with a sense of wildness and freedom in their hearts. 

What is it about summer that seems to release a sense of inner freedom for most individuals? What is it about 'taking time off from everyday life' that unleashes a living, laughing and loving of life? 

It fascinates me to watch people give themselves the gift of time, freedom, and fun only to return from their glorious retreat - to the stress, limitation and seriousness of life. 

What if life could be lived EVERY day without agenda fully embracing a sense of relaxation, freedom, openness and playfulness towards life?

What if you could follow your heart, step into the complete unknown and trust your inner calling to take you exactly where you are guided to go? 

Three years ago I said YES to this very calling. With NO idea why, with no idea what I was 'supposed' to do, with no agenda or expectation of outcome. I embarked on a journey - The Rebel Road, an adventure that changed me - my external life - and my inner landscape - FOREVER. 

This journey was NOT so much about the external voyage, which by the way was fun, fabulous, and filled with adventure, laughter and discovery. 

What vitally transformed my life was the Inner Journey of Illumination (through The Golden Pathway) taken while traveling The Rebel Road. 

I began my own Inner Journey and process of Self-Illumination through The Golden Pathway in May 2013.  As quickly as I began to immerse my contemplation into the initial pathway of this journey (known as your PRIME GIFTS), my higher purpose and the genius hidden in the core of my being was initiated. What came pouring forth was a wild, spontaneous and creative flow of rebelliousness, love, laugher and passion for life previously unclaimed.

As I continued this physical Rebel Road journey, I also continued an Illumined Inner roller coaster ride of emotions, mental reactions and intense revelations that opened my heart to the wild abandon of my spirit. I grounded a newfound sense of trust and faith in my deep and vibrant nature. And, I experienced the simplicity, ease and abundance inherent in life when following my heart and higher guidance with freedom, playfulness, wild abandon and fun. 

During the Rebel Road Tour, Sim and I often paused for conversation to spontaneously ponder the Mysteries of life. This is one of our 'park bench' moments and 'Conversations with My Self'.

I invite you to reminisce and share in our experience of Living, Laughing and Loving Life. 

                                BE REAL - BE OPEN - BE PLAYFUL 



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