A Li'l LOVE from Tuckie Wonder....

Is it just me? 

Or, is the ENTIRE world reflecting its magnificence, beauty, simplicity, color, prosperity, presence and LOVE to you all as well!!!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm standing in green grass that's fresh, full and moist, whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall. I wear eyeglasses that are tinted (for the most part) and rose-colored, looking for what's right in the world. I embrace the lessons in life and throw the experiences away. I look to ESSENCE experiences that have me feel ALIVE, like joy, creativity, ease, freedom, fun, spiritual community, connection, contribution and flow. I Laugh Out Loud simply FEELING these words and the experiences they bring into my body, mind and spirit.

Life is an extraordinary experience. It's a beautiful exercise of waking up and going to sleep, being present and going unconscious, striving to create something outside of myself with effort and struggle versus being in the flow creating an ESSENCE experience that brings me joy, ease, laughter, enthusiasm, love and service to self, others and God. 

Is life really this simple? Is life really as simple as 'being' the LOVE that I/we/you are doing ALL the things I/we/you LOVE, investing our time, talents and energies in creating the ESSENCE experiences that have us feeling ALIVE, joyful, creative, abundant, healthy, well and at ONE? 

My answer today, and in this moment is an enthusiastic YES and YEPPER!!

How come? Because it feels GOOD to feel this way!! LOL

Today my feet are moist from standing in the juicy green grass and feeling it's fullness between my toes. And you? Why, you look FABULOUS, empowered, blessed, and worthy of celebration and LOVE. 

On this beautiful Valentines Day weekend in February (and for the remainder of this month), I'm inviting you to celebrate with me. Let's celebrate life and LOVE. Let's celebrate YOU and me. Let's celebrate with a few outrageous experiences every day, that will nurture our hearts, mind, body and soul. 


Enjoy silence                                 Try a new food
Hold a hand                                   Laugh out loud
Be thankful                                    Hug someone
Take yourself to lunch                   Drop a quarter where someone will find it
Give yourself a compliment           Take a risk
Waste a little time                          Look at the stars
Roll down a hill                              Break a bad habit if just for today
Look into the heart of a flower      Take an early morning walk
Take your self to dinner                 Have breakfast in bed
Learn something new                    Allow yourself to make a mistake

And finally.....


***********Love Your SELF this Valentine's Day***************

Are you ready to open your heart and receive all that you desire?

Are you looking to free your voice and inner spirit to birth something new in life?

Are you willing to love and nurture your heart and put YOU first? 

Open your heart to boundless possibilities! Open your heart to your SELF.

Give a Gift of Love this Valentine's Day to YOU......

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