Come to the Edge.....

Rebel-Belle-Fist-logo.jpg'Come to the edge, he said. They said, We're afraid. Come to the edge he said. They came. He pushed them, and they flew. ~ Guillaume Apollinaire 

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I LOVE this time of year. I'm always excited to begin again, to hit the re-start button and re-create myself all over again. I really do believe the Abraham-Hick's mantra, 'The better it gets, the better it gets.'.   

I can't wait to experience what's in store for 2016. This year holds the potential for enormous POSSIBILITIES. Last year I traveled to Brazil to visit John of God, moved to a brand new beautiful, HAPPY home in Surfside Beach, attended a Template Ceremony in July activating dormant DNA programming, and finished my year in December with the one and only Dr. Joe Dispenza. Life is fabulous!

God only knows (literally) what's in store for Tuckie this year! 

What I know to be true is this. I'm ready, willing, and excited to expand and grow beyond any limitations. This is the year for SELF-Mastery (pun intended). This is the year for embracing UNCERTAINTY like a long lost lover. This is the year for throwing the door open with the Creator to DANCE wildly, spontaneously, powerfully and authentically in full BOLD Self-Expression

We are ALL destined for GREATNESS! We are geniuses, magical sorcerer's capable of magnificent feats and manifestations. However, we were never taught how to use our magic wands - our minds

Since 1998 I've engaged and studied with Masters, immersing myself in the practice of Transformation and the Art of Alchemy. I am fascinated by change and the liberation of conditioned patterns of energy. I am inspired by the possibilities of genius and creativity inherent in the human spirit. I LOVE the feeling of exhilaration that comes with those CATALYTIC moments of metamorphosis, transmutation and transformation. 

I am a 'work-in-progress'. We all are. But wouldn't it be fun to take it to the next level this year? Wouldn't it be fun to Take it to the Edge - to make that big jump and trust that our wings will appear? Wouldn't it be fabulous to feel an ALIVENESS like you've never felt before? 

Think about it. Most folks say they want to create clients, money and a thriving business, or  love and partnership in order to be successful and fulfilled.  I believe these things are desired for the ultimate 'FEELING' experience they bring - the experience of feeling ALIVE! They are desired for the Essence they hold for the individual such as Freedom, Joy, Balance, Divinity, Peace, Connection, Fun, Unconditional Love, Harmony and many more. 

However, most of what we desire comes from our fears about survival, and our insecurities. We desire these things from a response or reaction to what we've already created and don't want in our lives. Can you feel the difference?

This year, rather than creating a long material list of action steps and things you want to accomplish and manifest in your life, ask yourself these questions: 

'What is the feeling experience I desire so that I feel ALIVE? What is the Essence I want to experience while 'being' in action? What do I want to do that will bring me more Joy, Creativity, Simplicity, Connection, Oneness and/or Compassion, or whatever YOUR Essence Words are? What is possible in this New Year?' 

Doesn't that feel good? I invite you to 'Come to the Edge', the moment, the exercise and this New Year open and undecided. Allow the Creator to 'dance with you' and surprise you with forms, experiences and outcomes that juice your heart and soul, and make you feel ALIVE! I'm already excited for you!!

In closing allow me to send you forth into this New Year....right to the edge with 4 'Rebelicious Tips' 

1) Look at the facts of your life, where you are right now, and separate those facts from the fears and judgments you have about them. See the truth of things for what they are. Only then can you honestly say what you do or do not want. Begin this New Year by accepting and embracing these facts, without judgment or fear. Begin the year undecided about your reality. Open, willing and ready to dance. 

2) Choose the Essence of what you want to create and/or experience this year to feel ALIVE. Focus on THIS Essence rather than any form you desire to manifest. We tend to get locked into and attached to forms, so much so that we're not available to see possibility. When you focus on Essence you are open to ANY form the Creator brings your way. 

3) Find an experience or activity that brings you the Essences you listed in #2. Invest your time, talent and energy in this experience and FEEL your energy expand. Does it make you feel ALIVE? The more you invest your energy in this Essence the more available you are for the Creator to surprise you with more.

4) Be patient with fruition and surrender the Form. Essence is the language of Spirit so have faith and trust in Spirit to know what you want, and bring you your hearts desires.  

If anything I have shared resonates with you, and you'd like support or guidance in transforming and re-creating your life, give me a call at 803-665-0847 or email me at



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Are you feeling the bounteousness of your inner spirit awakening and wanting to birth something new in your life.

Are you ready to open your heart to boundless possibilities and create your life at levels limited only by YOUR imagination?

Are you ready to unleash your juicy spirit and allow your rebelliousness to come thundering out of your heart?

Take a leap of faith in yourself in 2016....come to the your spirit to fly....and let's soar together in unlimited possibility!



Here's to Unleashing Your Juiciest Spirit in 2016!

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