The Listening Man

Happy September Everyone, and Happy LISTENING!


Next to breathing, listening is the single most important thing you do. Yet, most people listen at 25% capacity. Imagine the possibility if in all of your relationships, work, family, and areas of life, you could improve your ability to really listen by as little as 10%.  ~ Dr. Carol McCall

I'm intrigued. I, along with many individuals believe we are living in a time of Great Change. We are in the midst of a HUGE paradigm shift. Many people say that 'we are the technology that we have been looking for'

I believe our consciousness is shifting. It's being reflected in how we relate to one another, and how we are living. Can you feel it? 

We're shifting from masculine principles and values toward a more feminine way of being. We no longer analyze and see things as separate. We're more synthesized in how we view the world. We draw on our intuition more and more in making decisions. No longer are we stuck in our rational way of thinking. 

NOW is the time to shift how we sense the world. Our world is dominated by sight. We 'see' everything. Our realities are based on the images we see, and how we perceive our world.

Ponder this excerpt from 'The World of Sound' by Joachim-Ernst Berendt

'Human beings with their disproportionate emphasis on seeing have brought on the excess of rationality, of analysis and abstraction, whose break down we are now witnessing. No longer do we see the world. We see its images. Living almost exclusively through the eyes has led us to almost not living at all. 


Many outstanding scholars, scientists, psychologists, philosophers and writers have described and circumscribed the New Consciousness. But one aspect has not been pointed out: that it will be the consciousness of hearing people.

No longer will our eyes have precedence over our ears. The audible, the sound, will be more important than the visible. 

The New Man will be Listening Man - or will never be at all. He will be able to perceive sounds in the way we cannot even imagine today.' 

Now THIS excites me! I am fascinated by THIS concept of the New Human, and especially the New Human as 'The Listening Man'. I'm GOBSMACKED by it actually. 

Over the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of studying and mentoring with the most Masterful Listening Coach of our time, Dr. Carol McCall. 

Dr. Carol McCall is Founder of the Institute for Global Listening and Communication, and author of the book, 'Listen - There Is A World Waiting To Be Heard'

An entrepreneur, educator, therapist, social psychologist, author, trainer, and lecturer, she has over 40+ years experience in communication and personal development. 

For anyone who does not know Dr. C, its time to LISTEN. She is one of the recognized early pioneers in the coaching industry along with Thomas Leonard, founder of Coachville, and Sandy Vilas of Coach U. 

Her mission is to create 200 million masterful listeners in the world by the year 2020, 'strengthening relationships one conversation at a time' with the 9 Tools of Mindful Listening. 

Allow me to share an interview with you that we did together back in 2011.

I encourage you 'lend us your ear'. Give yourself the 'gift of listening' to either the recording or webinar presentation. 

Your Soul will be glad you did!

If you prefer to LISTEN to the recording Click Here:

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