The Dalai Lama: From Dark to Light

We're 'back into the light'. 

Last week on Conversations With My Self, our show centered on Adolf Hitler, one of the most infamous individuals in our collective history. Hitler's STORY played out in the 'darkest' of expression'.

This week Our 'STORY' centers on The Dalai Lama, a 'being of light', and one of the most compassionate agents for change in the world

Whereas Hitler embodied the SHADOW aspects of his design and potential, The Dalai Lama fully embodies his GIFTS, expressing his highest potential and ESSENCE with the world. 

Join Simran Singh and My Self as we explore how The Dalai Lama fully embraced the signs, symbols and synchronicities of his extraordinary life bringing attention and awareness to the plight of The Tibetan people. 

Click Here to View The Dalai Lama's Human Design Chart. Lama.pdf

As a catalyzing presence and compassionate humanitarian committed to peace and harmony, this Opportunistic/Role Model (Profile 4/6) has been a deep source of wisdom for many people.  

We invite you to 'lighten up and join us' on CCN - Conscious Consumer Network for a powerful and provocative exploration into the signs, symbols, synchronicities and chart dynamics of The Dalai Lama. 

As always, if you'd like to explore your personal Design Chart and how to read the signs, symbols and synchronicities of life, give me a shout out at

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