Caitlyn Jenner: A NEW STORY

"There's a new story. The story of someone who's mission isn't to bring attention to herself, but the ones who truly need it." ~ Amy Wombach

This week on Conversations with My Self, Simran Singh and I continue our monthly theme of 'The Story'.

Each of us creates, embodies and expresses our STORY. WE are the architects of our evolutionary journey. Our Life Story is written in our genes. As we initiate and activate the archetypal expressions of our genetic blueprint and Human Design, acknowledging and empowering the signs, symbols and synchronicities along the way, we 'play out' that STORY on the canvas of our life.  

Who better to begin 'our conversation' with this month than Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner.

From the POWERFUL story Bruce created in the 1970's as 'America's Greatest Athlete' and 'Alpha Male', to the influential voice and ROLE MODEL Caitlyn is today for the Transgender Community, now HERE is a story worth sharing. 

On July 15, 2015, Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner found his/her voice. In a community of his/her peers (and in front of the world) at the ESPY Awards he/she shared his/her struggle to authenticity; the journey to embracing the greatest role and responsibility of her life, being true to herself

Join Simran and me in 'Conversations with My Self' for an inspiring, informative and empowering look at the signs, symbols, synchronicities and Human Design Blueprint of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Dive into the intriguing dynamics of this extraordinary individual who twice in life took center stage in the world to be Recognized (Projector) as a Role Model (Profile 3/6) and voice of leadership and influence (Channel of The Alpha 7/31). 

'I came to kind of a revelation that out of all the things I have done in my life, that maybe this is my calling. To take my struggle, throw it out in front of the world' ~ Caitlyn Jenner

How about you? Are you living out your STORY? Are you expressing your highest potential and living at your zenith? Or, are you sacrificing your authenticity, making choices from fear, conditioning, or the pressure of what others think of you? 

Bruce Jenner expressed his STORY powerfully, provocatively and creatively. Caitlyn Jenner courageously and authentically allowed a NEW STORY to be born. She embraced her fears, opened her heart and shared her inner truth with the world. 

Now THIS is a powerful STORY. 

Bruce/Caitlyn Design Chart: Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.pdf

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