Adolf Hitler: Living in the Shadow STORY

Did you know that YOU are the prime architect of your own evolution? You create your life, not just some of it, but ALL of it....EVERY last little drop!

You have been gifted with a genetic imprinting that highlights your potentials, as well as your shadow side and conditioned self. Your imprinting NEVER changes. What CAN change however, is your ATTITUDE, frequency and state of consciousness. 

How you interpret your imprinting, how you navigate the signs, symbols and synchronicities in your life has EVERYTHING to do with the experiences you will create. 


This week on Conversations With My Self, Simran Singh and I travel to the 'Dark Side'. We explore the life expression of one of the 'darkest' individuals in our collective history, Adolf Hitler

Discover how this iconic individual chose to embrace the expression of his Shadow self, along with the signs, symbols and synchronicities of his life. Hitler created absolute Chaos (Gate 3) in his life and the world by operating out of a Fear of Survival (Gate 57), Fantasy (Gate 41), low self-esteem and Arrogance (Gate 31) and Corruption (Gate 50). 

Rather than expressing his voice and releasing his potential in the world 'for good' (thru the Channel of Leadership 7/31), Hitler's insatiable drive (Channel of Judgment 58/18) and desire for power and influence as Dictator and Heretic (Profile 5/1) initiated us into the WWII, and the Holocaust which lead to the deaths of 6 million Jews. 

Join Simran and me for an in-depth look at Hitler's Design and discussion of the signs, symbols and synchronicities of his life. 

I promise it's not as 'dark' as it sounds!

Click Here for a copy of Adolf Hitler's Chart

We all come into the world with the same potential to express our shadows and/or our potential gifts. 

What will you choose? Will you create from the Shadow aspects of who you are, and express a life of doom, gloom, blame, shame, guilt, hatred, and moral outrage?

Or, will you choose to create a life of authenticity, creativity, joy, unconditional love, and service to others?

Join Simran and me tonight and every Tuesday evening LIVE at 8 PM on CCN. Tonight's show explores 'the lighter side' with The Dalai Lama. 

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