We're BAAACCK: Conversations with My Self with Simran & Tuck

Greetings My Fabulous Friends!

Welcome back in many ways. I come to you today from my new HOME in Surfside Beach, SC., five blocks from the beach the most sunny & happy home in the land. 

For the past year I've been purging and releasing old outworn structures in my life, AND giving myself the time and space to Breathe, Relax & Smile

The result? OMG! A fabulous life of Passion, Purpose and Play!

My excitement in sharing with you today is to announce the Re-launch of 'Conversations with My Self', a show Simran Singh and I began on The Rebel Road Tour. 

On our Rebel Road journey, Simmi and I began inspiring, creative, provocative and celebratory conversations with one another. Our feedback was exhilarating and exciting. 

As 'The Rebel', Simran brings her beauty, resourcefulness, brilliance and over the top creativity interpreting life with signs, symbols and synchronicities. Tuckie, 'The Rebel Belle' brings her enthusiasm, humor, playfulness and passion for life, Human Design and The Gene Keys. Together 'Katie Bar the Door'.

If you would like to join two individuals ridiculously excited about the aliveness of life, transformation, and possibility. If you would like authentic, unabashed, and deeply inspiring conversation with two best friends, join us LIVE next Tuesday (and every Tuesday) at 7 PM EST for 'Conversations With My Self' (11:11 Media) on CCN - Conscious Consumer Network.

Take a Peek.....

Living....Loving....Laughing.....with friends while we discuss the 'serious' stuff in a 'Light' sort of way....Just me and my Self! There is only one of us here

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