Come Celebrate My New Home With Me!

OMG!! It's CELEBRATION time. After 6 months of 'seeking' and 'waiting' for Divine Inspiration to emerge, Larry and I have found and closed on our NEW HOME.

We will be living on the beach of the East Coast in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. We have the cutest little bright, happy and RADIANT yellow house, 5 blocks off of the beach. It is adorable!

We are happy, happy, and did I say HAPPY!! 

I'd like to share my excitement with you. Join me in doing my 'HAPPY DANCE'. 

You know, there is no better feeling than when we immerse ourselves in the absolute joy, excitement and enthusiasm of a manifestation of life. I am in deep gratitude to Spirit for our partnership and co-creation in bringing this extraordinary HOME into our lives. 

If you desire to create beauty, love, abundance, prosperity, excitement, color, joy, ease and flow into your life, please give me a shout out at or call (803-665-0847). 

My passion is in teaching, mentoring and inspiring others to create and express their Divine Potential in the most magnificent of forms. Let's inspire Purpose, empower Partnerships and engage Prosperity in your life together. 

I'll be waiting to hear from ya!

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