11:11 Talk Radio: Listen, There Is a World Waiting to be Heard

'Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force... When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.' ~ Dr. Karl Menniger

• Do you feel like people listen when you talk?

• Do you listen when people talk to you?

• Perhaps your listening style is finishing people's sentences for them, or worrying about what you're going to say in response?

Next to breathing, listening is the single most important thing you do. Yet, most people listen at 25% capacity. Imagine the possibility if in all of your relationships, work, family, and areas of life, you could improve your ability to really listen by as little as 10%. 

I recently had the honor and pleasure of interviewing one of my Master Mentors and Teachers, Dr. Carol McCall on the 11:11 Talk Radio Show.  Dr. McCall is the Founder of the Institute for Global Listening and Communication, and author of the book, 'Listen - There Is A World Waiting To Be Heard'. 

Her life's work and mission is to strengthen relationships one conversation at a time using The 9 Tools of Listening. 

Give yourself the Gift of Listening. Empower Dr. McCall's vision of creating 200 million masterful listeners by 2020, and Empower Your Listening.

11:11 Talk Radio Show: Dr. Carol McCall: Listen! There is a World Waiting to be Heard. 

'Listening is a gift. It is the nucleus of communication. Listening requires that you give up the right to interpret what's being said and remain present to what is being spoken. Listening requires that the speaker's commitments, concerns, and possibilities are heard. Listening provides affinity, wholeness, and well-being.' ~ Dr. Carol McCall

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