O.M.G! Aren't We Grateful?!

Hi Bellefriends...

I am compelled to share something with you. It has me deeply inspired and eternally grateful for the dance of life, the beauty of nature, and the pure enjoyment, happiness and gratitude available each and every moment of life. 

It's the Happiness Revealed video created by Louie Schwartzberg a few years back. Perhaps you've seen it. If not, give yourself the gift to take in this 10-minute meditation that will open your heart to all of the blessings around you.

All I could say was O.M.G! 

Louie gives meaning to O.M.G.! as this:

'Oh' - Means something caught your attention, brought you to the present moment and makes you mindful.

'My' - It connects with something deep inside your soul, and creates a gateway for your inner voice to rise up and be heard. 

'God' - God is the personal journey we all want to be on, to be inspired, to feel like we're connected to a universe that celebrates life. 

As you end your week and move into the weekend, I invite you to open your heart and eyes to the beauty of life and nature. Dance with a sense of awe and wonder in the field of all possibility. Live as if this is the first and last day of your life. En-JOY yourself. Cultivate appreciation and gratitude, and EVERY day will be a really good day. 

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