I'm Back for a Li'l 'Tuck Talk'!

Hi Bellefriends.....

I'm back for a Li'l 'Tuck Talk'!!

Last September I embarked on The Rebel Road Tour with my friend and colleague Simran Singh and her 2 children, for an 11 month, 66-city One-Woman Show, in a 31 ft. RV. We made it and I'm back!! What a fabulous journey it was. 

If you'd like to share in our experience, you'll find boatloads of video's from the tour on  Simran's You Tube Channel.  

So, my fabulous Bellefriends, what's next for The Rebel Belle? Great question. 

I actually had a li'l 'Tuck  Talk' conversation with myself about it. Let's see.....

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