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tuckie-simmi.pngHow are you this fine 3rd week in December?

Can you believe 2013 is coming to a close? I LOVE this time of year, when I get to ponder......and Tuckie loves to ponder!

This morning I had time to reflect on 2013, and not only 2013, but all aspects of my life that have gotten me to where, when and who I am today.

I LOVE my life. I am so 'frickin' grateful for EVERTHING I have created, birthed, experienced, transmuted and transformed. My life juices EVERY cell of my being!

I am continually GOBSMACKED at the people, events and circumstances that show up to challenge, grow and expand my consciousness, catapulting me into the GREAT UNKNOWN. One of those people, events and circumstances has been Simran Singh (Simmi) and our amazing journey on The Rebel Road. These past 3 months have brought healing and clarity to many aspects of my life, allowing me to complete many unfinished chapters and stories. And....I am READY to begin again....our next leg of the journey, my new chapters and our next experiences.

As I initially embarked on The Rebel Road journey, and even through this initial experience, people asked me, 'Why are YOU doing THIS? What is YOUR part in THIS? What are YOU getting out of THIS?'

My answer has always been and continues to be, 'I don't know! I'm simply (and yet profoundly) following my higher SELF-guidance. I had to step away from every aspect of mySELF. I am embracing the uncertainty of THIS like a long lost lover. I am diving into my UNKNOWn SELF, into the field of ALL possibility, and allowing space to whatever wants to show itSELF, and SELF organize.'

OMG! Doesn't THIS sound exhilarating? Doesn't THIS sound perfect for someone named 'Tuck SELF'? I LOVE the unknown. I LOVE the field of ALL possibility. I LOVE waiting like a kid on Christmas morning to see what presents/presence are awaiting me.

"When I'm inspired, I get excited because I can't wait to see what I'll come up with next." ~ Dolly Parton

I'm excited you all....excited about life! Life is meant to be lived in a boatload of 'present' moments. It is meant to be experienced from a place of awe, wonder and surprise at the magnitude of your ability to inspire yourSELF and others.

This 2014 year, I invite you to inspire yourSELF, guide yourSELF, enlighted yourSELF and dive into the UNKNOWN with yourSELF. Join us on The Rebel Road. I take off again January 1st, New Years Day, with Simran, her 2 precious children Sage and Krish, and with an RV Caravan of Celebration in tow. What are we inviting you to?

In Simran's newest book, 'Your Journey To Enlightment', which comes out this week, she describes The Invitation best:

"My heart kept taking me to one feeling. "I know who I am from what I have lived through. I have defined myself by what has wounded me and the things that have helped me grow. I have created based on what I have been exposed to. I have limited myself by what I know.

Who am I beyond this?
What way may I be defined beyond the stories I have told myself, or that others have told me about me?
What have I not created that is possible?
What if I were to have no limits?"

The words kept reverberating in my head. My desire had been in seeking to be whole. I then moved to desiring to experience Oneness. Then, what? What was beyond the experience of Oneness? This was the void, the unknown. I realized what I had really always been seek-ing was to discover my unknown self, the part of me that extended beyond every story, belief, achievement, creation, ego, mind, body, heart, and soul. Who...what...when...where...how was that?

I don't know what I am doing....
I don't know how I am going to do it....
I don't know where it is leading....
I don't know why it is happening....
I don't know who I am becoming....
In this moment, I don't need to know.
In this moment, I desire to un-know.
I am willing to dive into the Great Unknown as I die to the known self.
Take my oneness into the void that I discover my allness."

~ Simran Singh

I invite you to dive into the GREAT UNKNOWN of yourSELF with me. Let's leap into the void together this 2014, this field of ALL possibility, and let's DISCOVER our ALLNESS!

Here's how to PLAY with us...

* Follow our Rebel Road journey by watching and participating in, "Conversations with My SELF".

* Order a copy of Simran's new book, 'Your Journey To Enlightenment', at amazon.com

* If you are ready to journey through your Human Design Chart and/or desire guidance through Your Golden Pathway, give me a Rebel Belle Yell at Tuck@TheRebelBelle.com.

Have a beautiful week.....

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