Enjoy 11:11 Magazines New Issue for December

free-issue.jpgHappy December to everyone! I am back home in Columbia for a short period of time, with plans to be back on The Rebel Road as of the New Year of 2014. We have had a fabulous time so far, met amazing and beautiful people, and totally enjoyed the different towns, cities and states we've visited.  

While I'm home my plans are to rest, enjoy my husband and family, and of course, enjoy the latest issue of 11:11 Magazine published by my RV Playmate and Bestest Buddy, Simran Singh.

I invite you to enjoy Simran's award winning FREE resource filled with wisdom and inspiration from many voices and hearts in service to humanity.  

11:11 is symbolic of the gateway we each have within us... a choice between illusion and reality, positive and negative, separation or unification. Be inspired, awakened and energized by engaging in the imagery, words, intentions and individuals collectively supporting movement toward a more conscious and empowered humanity. 

If you'd like to access current and archived 11:11 Magazine issues, click here: http://bit.ly/121pdec


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