Conversations with My Self!

As most of you know I am fully immersed into my 11 month Rebel Road journey with the delightful and 'exquisite' Simran Singh, and her One-Woman Show based on her book, Conversations with The Universe. I'm having a blast!!!

I love my new 31-foot RV home which I share with 4 of my peeps....Simmi, Naomi (our newest edition and guide for the children), and Simmi's children, Sage (12) and Krish (3). We jokingly share, 'We are living in a Petrie Dish!"

Life is FULL. Every day brings a brand new dream and opportunity to create and experience. As we have travelled the Eastern and Central part of the states, I have met amazing individuals who have inspired me beyond measure with how they have opened their heart, minds and spirits to us. As Abraham-Hicks says, 'The better it gets, the better it gets!"

Part of this 'better' is a powerful new YouTube Series that Simmi and I are co-creating together called 'Conversations With My Self.' Based on the fact that the greatest questions Simmi receives after her shows are:

'What if I don't know what my vision is, or my Life Purpose?

How do I even know what I really want?'

This free series is joyfully and playfully being created to assist you in realizing.... if you are not clear on your vision, purpose or dreams, it is because you are living 'in the SHADOWS' both literally and figuratively. 

Throughout our discussions we will be sharing and inspiring you with information on Human Energy Design, AND more importantly Richard Rudd's most recent book The Gene Keys, andThe Golden Pathway Program which quantum leaps this work. This work is a beautiful transmission Simmi and I both use, designed to create profound breakthroughs in your life, AND unlock your individual genius and higher purpose.

HOWEVER... Be transforming and illuminating as this work is, it will require you to do your part. Your part will be to Listen, Contemplate, Absorb and Embody this transmission with boldness in your steps. 

Simmi and I will be here to empower your understanding with love, courage and commitment, and to enthusiastically guide you to find your own inner answers and genius.....IF you are ready to AWAKEN and LIVE WITH AN OPEN HEART!

YOUR part will include your willingness to dive into your Golden Pathway that specifically identifies these Shadows, along with your Gifts and Highest Potential,  And how they can either empower or disempower your genius, your relationships and how you serve in the world.

If you are ready to enter the mystery of who you are and why you are here,...

If you are ready to live at your zenith without holding back....

If you are ready to Play & Create at levels limited only by your imagination.....

Come Play With Us!

Richard's work is brilliant and profound... Most importantly... It's timely and true. 

Conversations with My Self Video 

Here's How You Can Play With Us:

1. Access your free profile here from Richard's site. Access Profile Here

2. Begin receiving your transmissions and unlocking your codes. Enroll in Richard's program, The Golden Pathway at the link above. 

3. Follow the videos on Simmi's YouTube channel, SimranSingh1111, titled Conversations With My Self and let's begin the process of illuminating your unique genius and Activating your Prime Gifts.

4. If you have questions for us on how to apply this process to specific aspects of your life and/or empower your journey and adventure send an email to

We'll be waiting for you on our Embrace your Shadows, Release your GIfts, and Empower your Essence! 




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