The Rebel Road: Here We Go!!

image.jpegToday is the day....

I am embarking on an 11 month, 66 city tour and journey into the unknown completely following the heart and soul.

I will be journeying with Simran Singh, her 2 children and my sister Maggie. Simmie has created a One-Woman Show around her new book, 'Conversations with the Universe' that she will be performing and sharing along the way.

'Conversations with the Universe' is a book that shows you how to converse, dance and play with the Universe by allowing the signs, symbols, and synchronicities to guide the way.


No plans, No control, No excuses.....

I invite you to join us along the way by staying in touch through our Rebel Road Website, our Rebel Road Facebook Page, and here with me as I'll be blogging throughout our journey sharing the sights, symbols and synchronicities.

And, if we happen to be in your area, please be sure and join and play with us.

I'll see you on The Rebel Road!!

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