Angels In Our Midst....


Greetings to Everyone from The Rebel Road...

What a way to begin a tour around the country. We've had a few hiccups, a couple of miracles, and a fabulous beginning to Simran's One-Woman-Show.

If you haven't had the chance to watch Simran's videos about our 'rocky rebel beginnings' give them a listen. We truly have angels in our midst. Some show up as Beautiful Burly Men, and others as Goddesses of Love and Light, like the beautiful Honi Borden in our photo here. 

Angels Are Everywhere!

Our First Three Events

Right now we are in Maryland for our first events. We are having a HUGE, FABULOUS AND MOST FULFILLING time.  Our week began with a Red Tent Goddess celebration, followed by Simran's One-Woman Show and then a beautiful panel discussion which included 4 AMAZING luminaries and light workers: Raymont Anderson, Honi Borden, Anthony Farmer and Sister Jenna. 

Stay tuned to for more video's through our Facebook Page.

Love, light and muchas bellehugs from The Rebel Road!!






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