The Rebel Road Movement!

RebelRoad.GIFIt's finally here! The Rebel Road Tour....

Come join the Movement! Be a REBEL in your own life! Come PLAY with us....FOLLOW your heart.....Dive into your DREAMS...Step into the unknown of YOURSELF!

I'm excited to share ...I've Joined the Movement!! After 10 months of silence, stillness and listening, the call has come......

In December of 2012, I was divinely lead to reconnect with a dear friend and colleague of mine, Simran Singh of 11:11 Magazine. While I was coming out of my 6 month quiet space and sabbatical, Simmi was emerging from a marriage and divorce.

With her 2 children at her side she was contemplating her own call from spirit to
transition from spiritual catalyst into COMEDY. We began to play!

Over the next few months we lived and created in the field of all possibility. We
imagined, envisioned, frolicked and played with spirit, and what has emerged is
nothing short of brilliant, fabulous, empowering and sure to be boatloads of fulfillment and fun.

Allow me to share..... (Simran's Story)

"I woke up one morning and realized... I had settled. I had made a lot of excuses. I was not fully alive. Sure, I had done some beautiful things... had even been of good service, but I had capped it because I thought I could not have more than I had. In that moment, I received a vision and a message.

"People are not living their dreams. They are settling. YOU are settling. I was settling. Too many excuses are being used. People use every excuse to avoid their Divine Power. There is NO excuse good enough to not experience the JOY and FULFILLMENT of the Heart and Soul. 

I was guided to do something so completely outside of my introverted, serious box... to illustrate to others that anything is possible and that all dreams are waiting for US to happen. I was guided to do things I have never done. The Rebel Road Tour: A Caravan of Celebration - A One-Woman Show 11 months in 66 cities across North America including story, humor and song in an RV with my two kids, Sage (age 12) and Krish (age 3) and 3 other delicious women. We are on a mission to help people see themselves and be inspired to connect, birth, Lighten Up and truly live. We are to be the example of being a REBEL in one's own life so others know the way."

Doesn't this sound fabulous, delicious, fulfilling and fun you all? I am overjoyed,
enthused and frickin' excited to answer the call.

NOW.....We are inviting YOU to Join the Movement ...
We are asking YOU to play with us....
Allow yourself to feel more ALIVE than ever before....
Follow your heart.....
Dive into your dreams and....
Step into the unknown of yourself!

We are asking YOU to be a rebel and pledge your support to this mission.

Please pledge... Please support... Please come... The Rebel Road Tour

Please share this message with others... everybody!

Our show will begin August 2013 and run through June 2014... We have 1 month to raise the funds necessary to begin our journey. We invite you to
visit the kickstarter campaign and pledge support.

We are profoundly grateful, and look forward to seeing you on The Rebel Road:

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