Celebrating YOU!

Rebel-Belle-Fist-logo.jpgHappy October 1st!

Can you believe it? Fall is here. Our year has almost come to completion. Whew! What a year of Transformation, Liberation and Celebration!

And....that long awaited, anticipated 'ascension' date that the Mayan's, the Hopi's, and almost anyone and EVERYONE has been chatting about for months now, December 21, 2012 is almost here. What an exciting time!

As we move into these last 3 months of the year I am reflective. I am also juiced with the possibilities. According to many sources since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, we have been 'doing our work', increasing our vibration and steadily clearing our energies in anticipation of THIS time. I am giddy with excitement.

I have felt this clearing. I have willingly, and unwillingly at times, participated in the transformation and transmutation of these energies. I am excited by where I am, and excited by where we are going.

Call it the 5th Dimension, Ascension, Enlightenment. It doesn't matter. What does matter is Possibility and Truth - The possibility to live a life of love, at-one-ment and personal empowerment and to be the truth of who we are; Spiritual beings creating a fabulous and juicy human experience.

When I ponder what we have to look forward to I say 'Katy bar the door'.

In 2003, I made a commitment to my life's work. That work was to evolve myself, overcome my conditioning, and claim my freedom to be who I am, doing what I love, AND to empower others to do the same. Nine years later here I am, experiencing life, love and work that resonate with my heart and soul, and working with others to do the same.

I don't know where you are in your life right now, or who you want to be, or whether you are experiencing the life you desire, while feeling the freedom that comes with doing what you love. What I DO know is this; THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LIMITLESS!

EVERYTHING in the Universe is aligned to support YOU and to support your dreams. The rest is up to you. How you live your life, and who you choose to be IS, and WILL BE up to YOU. I am here to support you!!

You are a magnificent creator. You are privileged 'to be here now' at this most pivotal moment in time. POSSIBILITIES FOR YOUR LIFE ARE LIMITED ONLY BY YOUR IMAGINATION.

What will you choose?

In celebration of the POSSIBILITIES for YOU, your life, this historic time, and the energies supporting us, I'm excited to share an invitation with you....

My desire is to spend the next 3 months working powerfully and passionately with individuals who are tired of creating with effort and struggle, and ready to create with joy and ease. I want to partner with individuals who are ready to give themselves permission to be who they are and do what they love!!

If this describes you, if you know this is your time, and you're meant to work with me; if you're ready to live life on your terms to create life, love and work that resonate with your heart and soul, give me a Rebel Belle Yell.

I'm offering 4 hours of One-on-One 'Tuck Talk' Time for $397 ($100 discount), and I would love, love, love to work with you.

In addition to our personal time, you'll receive the following:

* 152 Page PDF REBEL-UTION Guide/Work Book
* Downloadable Meditations, Play-Exercises & Playsheets
* Six - 60 Minute Downloadable Webinars for Each 'Rebel-utionary' Step
* Six - MP3 'Tuck Talk' Class Recordings to accompany each Step
* MP3 'Tuck Talk' Recordings from Interviews with Personal Growth Masters

Schedule your TUCK TALK TIME here.

If you'd like a sneak peek of how I work and what's to come, I invite you to enjoy a li'l 'Tuck Talk' recording entitled 'Livin' in the G.A.P. ~ Gratitude, Attitude & Perception!'

LISTEN HERE: Livin' in the G.A.P. !

I totally look forward to hearing from you, having you share where you are, and what's working in your life. I'm excited for you. Let me know if this is YOUR time!

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