Baby I Was Born This Way!

"Just be yourself. God made you who you are!"

This past week someone shared a video with me from the Ellen Degeneres show. It featured the delightful and amazing 10 year old Maria Aragon, who shared the above referenced quote.

Maria captured the heart of America AND Lady Gaga's attention with her viral video featuring "Baby I Was Born This Way" on a day when Lady Gaga say's she was having a really bad day.

I invite you to watch this shining li'l 'superstar' as she passionately and authentically expresses herself.


Beautiful, yes?! Absolutely heartwarming, yes?! I for one am inspired by Maria's ownership of who God made her to be, and her courage to express what I call her Power, Genius & Magic.

We are all Powerful beyond measure. Inside each of us is our spark of Genius. Our Magic is limited only by the way we see ourselves.

What would your life look if you were willing to risk EVERYTHING and DREAM your wildest dreams? What then?

Would you live every day at your absolute zenith, fully in your power, sharing your talent and genius with an open and willing heart?

I invite you to discover who you are, and how you can create your life at a level limited only by your imagination. Join me in for a li'l 'Tuck Talk'. Learn how you can unleash your....

* POWER: Discover the Power of who you are, a spiritual being creating a fabulous human experience!
* GENIUS: Unleash your Genius with passion, purpose & a whole lot of play!
* MAGIC:  Express your talent in service to others & experience the Magic that is YOU!

YOU are a 'superstar', made in the image and likeness of your Creator. God made you who are. Just be yourself. Share your Power, Genius & Magic with the world.






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