Breathe, Relax and Smile.......

Rebel-Belle-Fist-logo.jpgCan you believe we're in the month of February already? The month of LOVE. Whew!

So, I'm curious about your goals this year. Last week I shared my intentions for the year which are to experience 'muchas' prosperity, happiness, success and fulfillment. How about you? Have you set your goals?

What if I told you not to set your goals this year? Would you think I was nuts?

What if I told you NOT to create that list of forms that you want, such as more money, more clients, that perfect soul mate, a new home or even a new job etc.? How would that sound to you?

When I first heard this it sounded fabulous!! I felt like someone let the air out of my uptight and about to burst balloon. I was tired of people telling me to create a list of forms. I felt limited. And, I was tired of 'making my list' come true. I was doing it, but at times I ended up driving the agenda and forcing the energy with effort and struggle. It wasn't until someone shared the concept of 'ESSENCE' with me that I began to breathe....Breathe, Relax and Smile. Allow me to share.

ESSENCE is the feeling experience you get when you are being YOU, doing what YOU love. Period, punctuation mark, exclamation mark!!

It describes how you feel when you are lost in the childlike awe and wonder of your world, connected to your Source and livin' at your zenith. ESSENCE words represent the desires of your heart. They are the language of your soul. And, it is through this language of your heart and soul called ESSENCE that the Creator knows exactly how to surprise you, blow your skirt up, and bring you your hearts deepest desires.

Now, I don't know about you, but this juices me!!!

Nowadays, when I ponder my dreams and what I want to manifest in this new year or any year, I go to my ESSENCE words. I claim my desire for joy, creativity, ease, freedom, fun, spiritual community, connection, contribution and flow. Then, poised like a kid on Christmas morning, I wait for what shows up, knowing my dreams will appear in any myriad of fabulous forms.

Meanwhile, I spend my days being grateful for what is, and investing my time, talents and energies in the activities that bring me these same ESSENCE experiences in whatever forms are available.

The Secret Is This: I invest now, NOT in some far off waited for imagined future. I don't wait. And, I don't struggle, toil or strain to accomplish, create or achieve anything. I'm not attached to the forms, I simply bask in the ESSENCES.

I bask in the activities that bring me the ESSENCE experiences that blow my skirt up, confident in the knowing the Universe has my back.

How is that for a New Year's February Rebel-ution, oops I mean Resolution?

Breathe, Relax and Smile. Remember, everything is in Divine Right Order. Really, it is...............

About the author: Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle, is a Southern voice for bold self-expression. As a coach, writer and speaker, she will inspire you to find your voice, own it and share it with the world, with passion, purpose, and a whole lot of play! Let The Rebel Belle guide you to a life of freedom, liberation and bold self-expression. Schedule your 30 minute 'Belle with Balls' focus session today. You deserve to have it all! 


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