'Tis The Season for LISTENING!

TT-Dr-Carol-McCall.jpgI'm 'rebeliciously' excited to share a guest post from my friend and mentor Dr. Carol Mccall. Dr. McCall is the,  founder of The Institute for Global Listening and Communication. I hope you enjoy her perspective on listening and take her up on her free tele-class offer. Being a student and partner of this  work has profoundly changed my life, my relationships and the way I listen to and work with my clients.

While this is the "season to be merry", this is also the season to be stressed out!  Stress, anxiety and angst lead us to behave in ways we usually later regret. During this time of year people often give in to old habits that don't usually serve their best interest. They may cave into sugar cravings, reach for the booze and overdose on caffeine.

OK! Not to belabor the point, there is another way! What's the behavior that best serves?
Listening! Choose "listening" throughout the entire day during the season.

1. Take "Listening" breaks.  Upon awakening in the morning DO NOT turn on the news! Turn on your favorite inspirational recording, music, audio book or CD. "Listening" to quiet your mind before you begin your day will go a long way to get your day off to a great start and things will flow for you.  In addition, whenever you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed during the day, take a quick "listening" break 1-5 minutes to quiet yourself down. Carry soothing selections to listen to when waiting in line at the supermarket, drug store or post office.

2. "Listening" for the gold. When people attempt to push their agenda on you during this holiday season "listen for the gold". Example: Before you become frustrated with your neighbor, who keeps bringing you her "favorite" holiday recipes, or your friend Sally who keeps filling your glass with her favorite wine, stop and "listen for the gold".

Is it possible that your neighbor is being friendly and sharing the holiday spirit? Is it possible that your friend Sally is being merry "tis the season"? When you "listen for the gold" it's possible to shift from annoyance to gratitude.

3. The "Listening" list. Make a list of the "themes" you will use to listen to people each day.


Day 1 - Generosity- you will listen to people with generosity and listen to their generosity.
Day 2 - Creativity - you will listen to people for their creativity and to your creativity.
Day 3 - Simplicity - you will listen to people for the simplicity of their communication and you will practice simplicity in your speaking.

Finally, choose a daily theme by which to listen to release holiday stress. Here are some themes to take with you this holiday season - courage, motivation, freedom, adventure, kindness, energy, passion.

I invite you to join Dr. C for a quick "listening tune-up" before the holiday festivities become "bah-humbug"!


"So You Think You're A Good Listener?"

Is a free interactive tele-seminar open to individuals and groups interested in improving professional and personal relationships by becoming "masterful" listeners. Masterful listeners are efficient and productive, create win-win situations, build powerful relationships, and achieve their full potential. Poor listening skills contribute to the break-down of communication, costly mistakes, and unproductive and ineffective relationships and add to the holiday stress.

Participants will asses their own listening skills, and identify how they respond when others are speaking. They will learn alternative phrases they can use to encourage dialogue and open communication, especially during this season. At the close of the program, participants will create personal contracts to put them on the paths to becoming "masterful" listeners and powerful communicators and stress-free individuals for this holiday season and future seasons to come.

Teleseminar:  "So You Think You're A Good Listener?"

Date:  Monday, December  19, 2011

Time:  11am PST and 6pm PST

Cost:  Free to attend!



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