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webversionalteredimage493.jpgI'm 'rebeliciously' excited to share a guest post from my friend Leah Shapiro from over at Defy the Box. I hope you enjoy her perspective and what she has to offer!

What do you fear more- being just like everyone else, or being different than everyone else?

If you're afraid of being different than everyone else you might as well stop reading right here, and be content with living a dull, stagnate normal life just like everyone else.

If you're down with the idea of flying your freak flag and living a Kick-Ass Life, then we have something to talk about. 

Living a Kick-Ass life is all about unfurling your freak flag and hanging it out for the world to see. You own who you are, do all the things that interest you and fill you up with juicy goodness, and you stop doing the stuff that you don't give a damn about. You live your life your way and it feels totally kick-ass!

I know that this can be freaking HARD! Even when you're a card carrying freak and totally committed to living life your way, it can be difficult to figure out what your way looks like. I have struggled with this, and I see you struggling with it too.

Flying your freak flag and going your own way feels risky. When it comes right down to it, you want to be accepted and successful. You're afraid that if you let it all hang out and do what you really want, you'll end up a broke-ass, laughing stock who nobody likes.

So you hesitate, and hang out feeling uncertain and confused in a life that you know could be so much more. You spend lots of time thinking about changing your life and seconded guessing your ideas, and longing for things to be different.

Are you sick of this yet?

If you're ready to break free and seriously do something towards discovering your Kick-Ass Life I invite you to join me for this free call- Connecting to YOUR version of a Kick Ass Life.

This post was written by Leah Shapiro a Kick-Ass Life Coach at and a passionate advocate for your non-conforming soul.  Leah helps you find the courage to follow your dreams and passions without conforming to other people's idea's and expectations.  The end result is that you feel whole, part of a kick ass abundant world, and fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams. When she is not focused on working with clients, and writing for her blog you can find her making pottery, playing with her two cats or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. A self admitted hedonist, Leah is frequently off engaging in pleasurable pursuits and is known to be a mighty temptress.


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