The Healing Power of Your HUG!

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hug.jpgDid you know there is a healing power in your hugs?

One of my favorite stories, the 'Rescuing Hug' is about 2 premature newborn twins, Brielle and Kyrie born in 1995, each weighing about two pounds.

Three months premature, Brielle was not doing well. Her breathing and heart rate were poor and nothing seemed to be working. The nurse who was caring for the twins intuitively placed Kyrie in the incubator with Brielle.

Immediately Kyrie wrapped her arms around her sister and within minutes Brielle began to improve.

Isn't it amazing how the love expressed through a hug between these two tiny sisters inspired Brielle's healing?

Who and what could you inspire today with the healing power of your hug?

Have a fabulous day...I'm off for a li'l huggin'!!

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