Ten 'Rebelicious' Signs that You're Livin' a Juicy, Joyful Life!

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8ways.jpgHi you all...

Are you living a juicy, joyful and meaningful life?

Do you wake up every day enthused with your juiciest spirit excited to create your day?

Here are my top 10 'rebelicious' ways for you to keep your juice a flowin':

1. You love yourself completely and unconditionally.

2. You wake up every day excited to "be YOU!"

3. You LOVE what you do.

4. You frequently hear yourself saying, "Life is FABULOUS!"

5. Your heart is open to love and be loved.

6. Fear is your greatest friend. You embrace and learn from the struggles in your life.

7. You share your voice with freedom, truth and boldness... and encourage others to do the same.

8. You trust yourself to live with passion, purpose and boatloads of play.

9. The door is WIDE open to DANCIN' with your Creator.

10. You're committed to squeezin' every li'l ounce of juice and joy from your journey as you possibly can.

If you'd like a copy to post on your mirror or wall to remind you how to live a fabulous life, click here:

Ten "Rebelicious" Signs that You're Livin' a Juicy, Joyful Life!

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