Do You Know Your Soul's Language?

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I'm 'rebeliciously' excited to share a guest post from my friend Jennifer Urezzio founder and spiritual director of Know Soul's Language. I hope you enjoy her perspective and what she has to offer!

jennifer.jpgKnowing Who You Are and Expressing It Creates Abundance

About a decade ago, I was a successful public relations person.  I was very good at my job and I was miserable.

I felt that there was something bigger inside of me and wasn't sure what that was or how to express it.  That pull inside of me started to attract tools, people and situations that unveiled that bigness.

I was so interested in really truly understanding myself and developing a better relationship with myself, that I developed a tool that helps individuals (and of course myself) create a conscious connection with their Soul called Know Soul's Language.

What I discovered in that process is that I am unlimited.  The knowledge inside of me (and inside of you) is without restrictions, and when I continue to co-create with my Soul my life is magical.  I feel as if I'm in the flow and my reality reflects that back to me.

Now, I want to be clear!  There are bumps on my road.  Anyone who tells you different, well...
Having this way to connect allows me a way to sink into the knowing that I am truly loved, supported and provided for by the Divine.

This connection is a practice.  We slip in and out of love for ourselves.  We slip in and out of feeling connected to the Divine.   The more you practice the less slippage will occur. 

Below are a couple of ways I practice:

Listening to Guidance

Create a conscious connection with your Soul.  You can do this by imagining that your Soul is sitting across a table from you or just by setting the intention.   If you know your Soul Languages, create a conscious connection with your Soul Language team.

Simply ask, "What does my Soul wish to share with me today"...and listen...

If you have a situation that you are unclear about, take this situation into this sacred time with yourself and just ask for some clarity.  Let go of preconceived notions, relax and be open.

Practice the Pause

Often we are reacting to our lives without our full consent.  We are on autopilot.  Start off by noticing when you are focusing on fear, worry, doubt, etc. Then, without judgment for yourself, PAUSE! Connect to your Soul and ask, "What could I do or feel differently in this situation?"

Create Radical Commitment

What would you like to commit to in your life? Transformation? More Love? More Money?  How committed are you to this new way.  Are you willing to go beyond your comfort zone? And, how can your Soul help you with this commitment?

Create a conscious connection with your Soul and ask the following question: "What gifts and talents do I have within me to help me with my radical commitment?"

You have boundless amounts of power inside you, waiting to be utilized to create an abundant life.  Understanding more about you will help you to create the life that you see inside your head and feel inside your heart.


Jennifer Urezzio is the founder and spiritual director of Know Soul's Language - a new paradigm to create a conscious connection with your Soul for success.  She is also the founder and facilitator of the Business of Soul Telesummit - Bringing Leaders Together To Help You Create Your Grand Masterpiece.  This complimentary telesummit brings close to 50 leaders together to provide tangible tools to creating the life that you desire. You can learn more and secure your virtual place at:


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