You Can Have It All!

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Rebel-Belle-Fist-logo.jpgDo you believe you can have it all? I certainly do.

I believe you are meant to live a fabulous life, filled to the absolute brim with passion, purpose and boatloads of play!!

Have I always felt this confident? Have I always been this bold? Not a chance.

What I do know is this. With intention and willingness and the following 7 steps, you CAN have it all.......

1)    Put yourself 1st. Put your happiness, well-being and evolution 1st. There is truth to the saying, "If mama ain't happy, nobody is!"

2)    Work on your issues. Conquer your fears. I promise there is no boogie man in the closet.

3)    Find your passion. Do what blows your skirt up. Invest your time, talents and energy in doing what you love.

4)    Ask for what YOU want. Make it big, bold, 'rebelicious' and on your terms!

5)    Then, embrace uncertainty like your long lost lover. Trust the Universe to have your back.

6)    Be patient with fruition and the manifestation of your dreams. Live, love, laugh a li'l and enjoy the ride!

When you do, your skirt will be over your head in no time at all.  

Do you believe you can have it all?

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