Juicin' Your Rebel!

  • Do you trust yourself completely and unconditionally?

  • Do you allow your heart to guide your way?

  • Do you listen to the still small voice inside that's waiting to be heard?

If you do Congratulations and a Rebel Belle Yell! 

If not: It's time for your REBEL-UTION!

You have every thing you need to navigate your life, a unique and powerful inner voice that's itching to show you the way. I call it your GPS (God-Power) system, your inner rebel spirit and intuition. The source of all you need.

In Step 4 of The "REBEL-UTION you'll learn all about trusting your feelings, tapping your juicy source and working from a place of intuitive authenticity.

Join me Monday August 1st at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT for a li'l "Tuck Talk' on Juicin' Your Rebel.


Register Here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/818303683
You were born with everything you need to align your power, passion and heart to create the desires of your life. Let's grab those petticoat ruffles, life that skirt and high step your way to a whole new fun and fabulous life!


Class hand out: Juicin' Your Rebel

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