Juicin' A Life of Joy!

Are you feeling a li'l juicy in your life right now? Or, are you putting joy off in anticipation of perfection?

What would happen if you just let go? What if you allowed yourself to want anything your li'l heart desires, regardless of circumstances, and bathed in the joy of living life full out...... confident that your juice would appear?

Would you shrink in fear and frustration about not having what you want? OR, would you embrace the yearning of your desires with joy, gusto and enthusiasm?

What if the manifestation of all your future desires had everything to do with Juicin' a Li'l Joy in this moment, right now... today?

Play with me for a moment: Recall the last time you felt truly JOYFUL. Go ahead close your eyes. Remember. Get in touch with that experience. Notice where you were, and what you were doing. Get a clear picture of that time and the feelings you were experiencing. Ahhh...

Now... I'll bet you can even call up another memory where you felt JOYFUL, and another, and another. Wow! I'll bet you're feeling fabulous right now!

Here's a question for you: Was your life perfect at that time? When you were in that original feeling of being JOYFUL, had you reached your dream state in all areas of your life? Were your finances, relationships, body image or career exactly where you wanted them to be?

My guess is that your answer is an emphatic NO! As you ponder your memories, you'll notice you weren't focused on what you didn't have at that time. You weren't concerned with the imperfections and uncertainties of your life. You simply Juiced a Li'l Joy!

You transcended your insecurities, frustration and disappointment about not having what you desired, and focused on something you loved; an essence that made you feel good. You experienced outrageous JOY all in one power-packed, fabulously juicy moment.

Here's a li'l 'rebelicious' secret. JOY is not about having ONE thing in your life, like the perfect body, the soul-mate partner, the right work, or the amazing life. If it was, you'd never experience any JOY!

So how do you squeeze a li'l joy from life while waiting for the juice to appear?

JOY NO DO ~ JOY BE: Joy is about being, not doing. When you're immersed in moments of "being JOY", you don't care about imperfections in your life. Do what makes you feel joyful. Be the juice!

SAVOR THE JUICE: Meditate on juicy memories, or squeeze out some new ones. Be grateful for what you have and dream of what's to come. Find something juicy--and savor it!

MAKE FRIENDS WITH FEAR: Fear is your greatest friend. It's also the greatest block to juicin' your JOY. Earth is your classroom for overcoming fear. Ace it with joy!

UNCERTAINTY IS YOUR LOVER: Embrace it. The Universe creates through uncertainty. Demanding certainty only creates struggle--against the entire Universe. Ugh. This will not make you joyful!

BOLDLY EXPRESS YOURSELF: Be honest with yourself and trust your process. Do what your gifts inspire. Ask yourself, "What do I sacrifice to conditioning?" Live full out and on your terms! Woo-hoo! This will make you joyful!

Ready to squeeze a li'l juice right now--today!--in this one, all-encompassing, fabulously juicy moment?

I invite you to play. Come on, be bold. Share what makes you joyful, then live it full out. Throw caution to the wind. Cast your worries aside, and do what you love to do.

I 'rebeliciously' promise, when you do...the possibilities will be endless for Juicin' a Life of JOY!

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