Does Life Really Have To Be This Hard?!

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Does your life rock?

Are you getting everything outta life you desire? Are you squeezin' boatloads of juice and joy doing what you want to do?

Or, are these the thoughts that are running rampant through your head?

•    "Why is this happening to me again?!"
•    "Does life really have to be this hard?"
•    "Where's the fun!"
•    "When am I going to get to do what I want to do?"
•    "I know I have what it takes, WTF?"

Perhaps you feel a li'l stuck, frustrated, bored, tired of struggling and pushing the rock uphill. You feel lost and have no clue how to turn your life around.

I'm guessing you know you have what it takes. You're itching to make a change, you're on the brink of a major shift in your relationship, health, career and life that will soothe your soul, but... every time you get close enough, your fears show up and that li'l voice is off and running again.....  

"Will I ever get ahead?"
"What do I really want to do?"
"Can I do it? How will I do it?"
"What if I make the wrong choice?"
" Blah, blah, blah....."

Have no fear, The Rebel Belle is here and I'm excited to guide the way.

Step #2 of the Rebel Belle Guide is A Tissue for Your Issue - A Rebel Belle fully owns that SHE is the creator of her reality.

That's right! YOU create your reality, not just some of it, you create ALL of it! The only thing that keeps you from having all you desire and squeezing the juice from every area of YOU.

My pleasure and joy is showing you how to transform your life and crank things up a notch.  I can help you release any issue that stands in the way of your outrageous joy and freedom. (That's why you may need a tissue!).

So, take a deep breath and get ready to rock. It's time. Time to finally go balls to the wall and work on your issues you've been too afraid to tackle. The ones suppressing the fun, freedom and passion that's missing in your life.

So... grab some popcorn, your favorite box of tissues and let's get to work.

Take out a sheet of paper and ask yourself these questions.

Where in life do I feel stuck? What would I like to change? In the center of the paper write a statement about this circumstance and draw a circle around it. A statement example might be: I'll never find my purpose.

Next begin writing around the circle your free flowing thoughts, feelings and judgments about this situation. No censoring, just go with your flow.

Notice as you write your thoughts how you feel. Notice the energy you expend thinking about this issue. Does your mind feel cluttered? Are you frustrated? Are you breathing? How does your body feel? Is it tense?

Here's your 1st Issue AND the exciting opportunity to take ownership as creator and change your reality. Ready to rock?

Assignment: For the next week, I invite you to do this once a day. Choose any issue that's keeping you stuck or any circumstance you'd like to shift so you can juice and crank your life.

P.S. If you'd like a li'l guidance, access The Rebel Belle worksheets and meditations for busting through fear. Check out the full e-course, The Rebel Belle Guide to Bold Self Expression - 7 Steps to Discovering Freedom!

I'm off to tackle my issues......

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