Feel it, Feel it, Feel it ~ The Key to Juicin' the Life of Your Dreams

Hi folks, it's me The Rebel Belle. I'm back and feeling great!

How 'bout you? How do you feel?

Are you feeling clear about who you are and what you're here to share with the world? Are you trusting it?

Step #4 in A Woman's 'Rebelicious' Guide to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self-Expression can quantum leap you to a level of intuitive clarity. It's about YOU trusting YOU!!

Step #4: Feel It, Feel It, Feel It! ~A Rebel Belle trusts herself completely.

Let me ask a few questions:

•    Are you physically aware of your body?
•    Do you feel good and healthy in your own skin?
•    Do you trust your instincts and intuition?
Perhaps you're someone who makes quick decisions. You love spontaneity. Or, maybe you're the opposite... afraid to take risks or make quick decisions.  Therefore, you hold onto things longer than you should.

Whatever you feel, however you respond whether from fear and conditioning or freedom and creativity, you FEEL YOUR LIFE through the experience of your body!!

Ponder these questions:

•    Do you know what your feelings are?
•    Do you feel them?
•    Do you trust them?
•    Are you aware that your feelings are your friends?

Feelings are the way your body and mind communicate to you. They let you know what you're thinking and ultimately creating. Feelings are the way you connect to your core, your voice and deepest essence.

Feel your way into alignment. Feel what fuels your passion. Feel what brings you joy. What blows your skirt up?

Let's play a li'l exercise. Close your eyes. Think about these questions.

What makes your heart sing? What are you doing when you lose all track of time?

Doesn't that feel good? Think about when you know you're using your gifts, talents and genius to make a difference in the world? Does that rock for you?

Contrast that to living by the rules and expectations of others; doing work simply because you need a paycheck, being in a relationship where you feel you've settled, or accommodating the wishes of others.  That's the accepted thing to do.  Whew...feel as bad to you as it does to me?

I'm raising my hand for trusting my feelings. How 'bout you?

It's that simple folks. Trust YOUR feelings (not what everyone else is telling you that you SHOULD feel). Your feelings are yours. They are your greatest gift and communication tool from your juicy spirit. Let them guide you.  Trust your feelings to communicate your wisdom to you.

Let's go feel and juice the life of your dreams.

Assignment: This week pay attention to when you feel good and when you don't feel good. And, notice what you are doing when you feel good and when you don't. Remember your feelings are your friends and communication tool.

I am off feelin' and juicin'..

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