A Tissue For Your Issue!

Hi Bellefriends......It's me again...checking in with ya....curious as to how life is playing out these days.

Are ya feeling good? Are you getting what you want? Do you even know what that is?

You know sometimes I am oh so clear about who I am, what I want, and why I want it. Why....I am so immersed in the passion, purpose and play of what I'm doing, I'm totally in the flow. When I have those days my life rocks!

And, then there are also times when I wonder... just how big the mack truck was that ran through my head the night before. I wake up with thoughts running through my mind a hundred miles an hour. I am amazed at how many topics of conversation I can have with myself just while I'm blow drying my hair.
For the most part, I can stop the chatter. I use a mantra. I sing a song. I do deep breathing and I even talk to myself. I love calling myself on my drama. It makes for a good morning laugh.
But..... if it happens to be one of those really deep core issues of mine......you know, the ones that keep me up at night, it usually requires a little more focus, a little more willingness and a little more work.
Not to worry.........The Rebel Belle Tool Box is full of techniques, strategies, fun and empowering exercises to release any issue that stands in the way my freedom. 

One of those tools is Step 2 of A Woman's 'Rebelicious' Guide to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self-Expression. It's the Rebel Belle Issue Tissue a worksheet and process for identifying and releasing fears and judgments. (Remember Step #2 of the Rebel Belle Guide is- A Rebel Belle fully owns that SHE is the creator of her reality.)

Would you like to breakthrough any and all fears that hold you back in life? It's possible! 
With a li'l intention and willingness you can face your fears and take responsibility for creating your life. With a proven tool, technique or strategy to work on your issue, you are on your "rebelicious" way!

Ready for that juicy shift? Ready for an issue? I'm off to grab my tissue...........

Click here to learn more about the 7 'rebel-utionary' steps in A Woman's 'Rebelicious' Guide to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self-Expression

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