Who Are You Today?!

Who are you today? Oops... I mean how are you today?

A couple of days ago I shared with you my "Are You A Rebel Belle?" questionnaire and as a gift you received one of my favorite tools, the "Who Am I?" worksheets and meditation.

Have you had a chance to do the exercise yet?

I play with the "Who Am I?" questions and listen to the meditation as often as I can. It reminds me to embrace the joy, creativity and playfulness that I seem to lose when I get bogged down in my day. I actually keep copies of my worksheets in a notebook. Reflecting on my answers allows me the opportunity to acknowledge my growth.  

How about you? Are you ready to play?

Let me know if you discover anything new about yourself, whether you have any AHA moments or maybe if you've hit a speed bump. Either way, I invite you to share your "epiphanies" with me. Share your comments with me...Who Are You Today?  

Okay... I'll share with you first. Today I am sunshine, lollipops and rainbows and everything...

Okay... I'm stealing from Leslie Gore, but who cares? It feels great!  

Now it's your turn... Who Are You??

If you're ready to discover who you are and catapult your life to a whole new level be sure to claim your Belle with Balls Focus Session now!


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